As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Laughing it Up With Obama’s Official Portrait

I don’t know. What the hell, it’s Friday, and the Obamas keep inserting themselves back into the news.

18 Responses to Video || Laughing it Up With Obama’s Official Portrait

    • I am old enough that I can be certain I will have to deal with the Obamas, their words and images, for the rest of my life.

      Profoundly depressing knowledge.

  1. It is the state of the PC world we live in that a terrible painting by a Black artist of a prominent Black subject can only be exposed as ridiculous by a Black jokester.

  2. Obama looks like a priss taking a dump in the woods — the kind of priss who would insist on having a chair to sit on.

    Michelle’s is even weirder — looks like seal on a jagged rock.

    Lesson learned — don’t choose “edgy” artists to do you portrait and don’t choose your portrait artist by race.

  3. Why are we stuck with the memory of this “president”? I am 76 so I have seen Presidents come and go. He was the most unaccomplished person ever to serve. He was elected and re-elected because of his “Race” and that is not an acceptable reason however, if he had accomplished “something” positive for Black Americans, I guess that would be OK … But NO… The only black person he helped was HIMSELF! Say what you wish about President Trump but, he has done more for Black Americans in 1 year than Obama did in 8!

  4. If you are feeling loss of contact with the Obamas just tune in to NBC and even the Jeopardy show for their relentless ability to not forget to praise them in some way or other so frequently.

  5. For all the ways the Dismal Duo disparaged America and the presidency while they were stinking up The People’s House, they really, in their heart of hearts, want to be back there.