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Video || Jeff Sessions Emotional as He Leaves DOJ for the Last Time

Emotional, but not surprised. He’s known a long time he was getting fired. He’ll feel better after he runs for Senate again and, no doubt, wins and then stays there until he’s 90.

5 Responses to Video || Jeff Sessions Emotional as He Leaves DOJ for the Last Time

  1. People say he’s a nice guy. Honorable.
    However, prosecutors can’t be “nice guys” or politically correct believers.
    It’s time to put a pitbull into the DOJ and MrTrump has a few in mind.

  2. Sessions is a gentleman. Right now, that is not what we need. We need someone w can believe that the Dems were/are after a soft copy to take power. No gentle person could envision it. Sessions did a good solid job on immigration and l thank him for that.

  3. Time for him to call it a day. He should have turned down the job if he wanted to be a nice guy;) Does everyone want to be a “lifer” in DC?

    • They are like any other Federal employee, all of whom own their jobs for life: terrified of not having the connections to get away with anything they or their family members want to do, whether special legal dispensation, or illegal criminal acts. Even law-abiding sorts still crave that special access to legal insider trading, if nothing else. “Both chambers of Congress quickly — and near silently — approved [S 716,] the [STOCK Act] repeal legislation… by unanimous consent..”, in 2013.