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CNN’s Jim Acosta Singlehandedly Sinks the Cause of a Free Press

CNN’s Jim Acosta was called on, allowed to ask several questions, and then told to sit down by the president. He refused and continued standing and talking, even wrestling with a young female White House staffer over the microphone. He offered a personal opinion, stating that the migrant caravan was not an “invasion,” disagreeing with President Trump’s opinion that it was.

I’ve covered the White House for 20 years, and I have never seen such disreputable behavior on the part of a journalist. This is not an issue of free speech or protecting freedom of the press. Acosta was given his turn and he simply abused it, utterly disrespecting the office of the president.

What’s more, Acosta harmed the cause of freedom of the press by doing something so obviously self-aggrandizing and unprofessional. The free press, which is essential to the functioning of a democracy, is already in disrepute with the American people for its overt bias. Acosta Wednesday did more damage, creating a viral video clip showcasing press bias and unprofessionalism that will be rerun for years.

I think President Trump has every right to call the media “fake news.” I have disagreed with his contention that they are the “Enemy of the People” and have considered the phrase dangerous, and I continue to. But with the sight of a mainstream journalist so egregiously disrespecting the presidency, the American people’s presidency, it is hard to blame someone for agreeing with the president on this point.

14 thoughts on “CNN’s Jim Acosta Singlehandedly Sinks the Cause of a Free Press”

  1. The American press is, on the whole, against the majority of the American people. They often are untruthful, either by outright lying or by omission of unpalatable (to them) facts or just neglecting to report news they don’t like. The press is subverting the exchange of ideas and free speech to a increasing degree.
    Thus they deserve the title “Enemy”. The MSM is certainly not our friend.

    1. Spot on…and they were asleep for eight years while Obama was president. They hate this president because their candidate didn’t win, plain and simple.

  2. CNN needs to rein in Acosta. When a reporter or agent of a news organization becomes the news, the freedom they enjoy by virtue of constitutional mandate is endangered.

    The current theme among anti-Trump people and anti-American citizens is to disrespect the Presidency and our Flag. They somehow think they are being concerned citizens or exercising rights, but that’s not how a civilized nation operates. There has to be a common respect for national icons or we lose our American-ness and seem to be in the midst of a revolution to destroy what we have.

    Acosta has overstepped his self-appointed mandate to be a crusader against all things Trump. CNN should take note before things get worse.

    1. So how do you feel about Sean Hannity stumping for Trump then?

      Also Keith try proofreading your posts. presidenct? egergiously? Seriously?

      1. While we’re on the subject of stumping, every candidate Obama stumped for lost, as in didn’t win.
        9 out of 11 candidates Trump stumped for won.
        It’s Keith’s website, he can edit, proof read delete or ban anyone he wants.

  3. Presenting false information and saying it is true is dangerous. Not pointing out this behavior would be dangerous. I commend the President for saying the truth, “When you report fake news, you are an enemy of the people.”

  4. Then after Acosta showed his backside April Ryan kept interrupting another reporter trying to ask his question. She had not been called on and kept interrupting. She deserved to be told to sit down.

  5. The appeal of ‘democracy’ is to the lowest segment of the population whose emotions are manipulated to the extreme by the visual/audio/print ‘press’- which is the purpose of the ‘press’. Since 1965 America has rapidly descended into its current unrecognizability through the popularization & normalization of dope, perversion & disrespectful behavior as generated by the ‘press’ when the ‘press’ became the culture. When 1/2 of ‘Americans’ agree that gender & fetuses are a ‘choice’ & do not recognize an approaching foreign invasion as such, these are they for whom ‘democracy’ was intended.

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