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America Did Not Reject Trumpism on Election Day

This is from an article I wrote last night for NBC News:

Trump’s message in large part prevailed. In many key states where he campaigned aggressively — including Florida, Missouri, Indiana, Tennessee and Texas — Republican statewide candidates prevailed, perhaps due to Trump’s rollicking, improvisational rallies. He certainly didn’t hurt them.

What liberals who believed the president would provoke a tsunami of new House Democrats failed to understand — as they failed to understand in 2016 — is that the caricature of Trump and his supporters they revel in is fiction. Trump addresses — flamboyantly and divisively, to be sure — the serious concerns of average Americans worried that their country is changing too fast. These voters are concerned that the nation they’ve known, and that has in many ways been remarkably successful, is slipping away from them.

You can read the rest of the piece here on the NBC News website. I hope you take a look, I think you’ll like it.

3 Responses to America Did Not Reject Trumpism on Election Day

  1. MrTrump didn’t invent the message, he simply reflects what he feels the voters are thinking and believe. Unlike other political figures who try to improve America or change certain moral stances, MrTrump just acknowledges what is true.
    Racism isn’t at the core of the illegal alien distrust or anger, but it is a factor when the alien refuses to become Americanized or is still waving his homeland’s flag. The distrust or anger would still be present if 10 million Hungarians slipped over our border and adopted the same attitudes the Hispanics show to us.
    We can agree with your opinions, but the Dems/MSM see the worst possible explanation for anything MrTrump and/or his supporters do or say. They can’t seem to move past their stuck-in-anger mood or their desire to ruin what is.

  2. Keith —

    A small arm wrestle with you — done respectfully I hope — not like that circus of disrespect I saw with the White House Press Mob…

    So here is the one line….You wrote that “…. Americans worried that their country is changing too fast…” and maybe I am missing the point by focusing on one line.

    I believe that our country is not changing fast enough…
    1. Wall needs to go up quicker
    2. Federal departments need to be eliminated quicker
    3. Judges appointed quicker
    4. Freedom squashing regulations need to go away quicker
    5. Schools are not being taken away from government control fast enough
    6. and on and on