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Why the 2016 Midterms Might Elect Trump in 2020

From a piece I did in the Washington Examiner:

The biggest winner of the 2018 elections was someone not on any ballot — it was President Trump, specifically, his 2020 re-election campaign.

Assuming the absence of catastrophic events like a war or economic collapse — and those things could happen — the midterms have perfectly positioned Trump to win in 2020. The narrow Democratic victory in the House will create an investigative and legislative horror show that will begin January 2018 and not let up for two years.

Radicalized by their base and unable to help themselves, the Democrats, newly in possession of subpoena power and in control of each House committee, will investigate everything that moves in the West Wing and in the Cabinet agencies. Trump will tweet “Witch hunt!” every couple of days, and even average voters will come to believe him as they behold the plethora of probes launched by the Left.

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6 Responses to Why the 2016 Midterms Might Elect Trump in 2020

  1. Agree. You nailed it.
    MrTrump’s supporters already know who and what he is, what he did or didn’t do before he became President.
    The Dems have a narrow path to follow, we’ll see how careful they are.

  2. “Democrats will spend the next two years proving to suburban moms and other swing voters that they can’t govern”


    And as a personal rant, what kind of sad state does our culture need to be in to vote in a mob of supposed “lawmakers” who campaigned on ignoring laws and letting a mob of immigrants into the country illegally? Hello, those are not lawmakers, they are lawbreakers.