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Open Thread || Election Night – November 6, 2018

Looking forward to hearing what you’re thinking as the night progresses!


28 Responses to Open Thread || Election Night – November 6, 2018

  1. At 4:20 p.m. Pacific time am thinking, “Thank God we’ve got a movie to watch while the talking heads go blathering on and on, spewing personal opinions and infinitely fallible prognostications.” Apparently they have never learned that people exiting polls are not necessarily telling the truth about their votes. Tomorrow morning is plenty of time to find out what happened.

  2. We voted this morning in Texas. We always vote on Election Day. Our local turnout set a record for Early Voting in a Midterm election, nearly all will be Republican, not many Democrats in this rural area.

    I’m much more calm than I was in 2016. We must trust our Father God to lead us no matter what happens.

    I’ve been reading commentary on Strauss and Howe’s Fourth Turning, to get some thoughtful opinions on where we might be in that process.

  3. And don’t forget about the impact on the voting demographics from the many people of Puerto Rico who moved to Florida after the hurricane…

  4. I am here and on twitter because I am in FB jail for replying, replying, mind you, not posting directly, this

    What the heck, man? Vote early and vote often!!! And remember, Republicans vote on Tuesday, and Democrats on Wednesday 

    Jokes that have been around for decades, and, clearly since I winked I was joking. But, no, someone got offended and reported me. Or, did the FB algorithm ban me randomly.
    Man, what a crock.

    Anyway, so pathetic to see our Nation’s HS students talking all about “climate change”, gun control and LGBTQIA+ rights. Did not see any worried about jobs, high taxes, too much big government, etc. All about touchy-feely issues.
    So sad…..

    • Colorado’s dystoric election of a bragging sodemite for governor is something this voter will not have to answer for when in the company of my Maker.

  5. DeWine(R) in front in Ohio GOV-barely. I had my doubts about him. He is a career politician, who’s been around since I was in High School(I’m in my late 50’s ) Cordray looked to be the more energetic candidate.

  6. I prayed night and day for the Thai soccer team stuck in that awful cave, and God came through and saved those boys. So I’ll wear down my knees some more tonight and pray that all the computers have faulty transistors or other parts that are seriously deficient.

  7. 1. Disappointed that it appears John James will lose in Michigan. He gave Stabenow a run for her money and I hope he will run again. He should be a rising star. 2. Irritated beyond all belief that FOX called the House for the Dems so damn early. They should have waited until the polls closed in California. 3. Would love to have “Beto” disappear but it won’t happen. Wonder how much $$ he has left in the bank? 4. Republicans need to soul search to figure out why/how they lost the House but gained in the Senate. Yes, historical trends were against them, but did they recruit lesser candidates? Did they run poor campaigns? What could they have done better. 5. I hate the thought of Speaker Pelosi but if she is smart she will not allow talk of impeachment. That is a big loser, IMO. Remember when Clinton was impeached? Didn’t help the Republicans the next election cycle.

  8. Oh JOY!! My Kansas district just elected the first lesbian (my stoopid Android phone wouldn’t let me “swipe” lesbian!) Native American to the House of Representatives. Darn liberals have been invading our district for quite a while. :(

  9. A GOP Senate and Democrat House just about guarantees Trump’s re-election in 2020.

    Nasty Nancy, Mad Maxine, Adam Schiff-for-brains, and the rest, now have a quandary.

    They can pass impeachment articles, which will be DOA in the Senate, and which will fire up Trump’s base. Or, they can settle for realpolitik, not pass the articles, and lose their radical base. Squaring that circle will be nearly impossible.

    Meanwhile, thanks to an expanded GOP Senate, the courts will continue to be stocked with young originalists.

    Let the donkeys eat, drink, and be merry tonight. For tomorrow, they will discover they’ve got a much worse hand than they thought.

  10. I think they really expected to lose the house. If Pelose is smart she will quash any impeachment talk. Keeping Maxine Watters I check will be harder for her.

  11. It certainly will be entertaining watching Pelosi try to wrangle all the new young progs, you know….including those who said they would not vote for her.

  12. It looks like I was right and I was wrong.
    Now what?
    It’s certainly a disappointment to lose control of Congress, and more so because the Dems stated plans aren’t to legislate but investigate.

  13. Nothing changed last night…. the Speaker of House in the future will be just as much against Trump as the current one…

    Trump will have the Dems wishing that they did not own the House as Trump will corner them and get then to vote for his agenda… You are about to see the Art of the Deal in action.

    What was it that worthless-turd Paul Ryan ever did that REALLY was helpful.

    Watch the ‘Enemy of the People’ thing move from or expand to the House.

    It should be fun.