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Why is an Ad About Illegal Immigration Racist Because it Features an Hispanic?

One of the perils of illegal immigration is that some among those who enter are criminals. The notion that an American can be killed or otherwise harmed by someone who is not supposed to be in this country in the first place is frightening to many voters.

It is a legitimate and time-worn political tactic to take a fear voters have and amplify it. Democrats do it all the time on issues like guns, race, health care, and Social Security. If you follow the MSM and listen to Democrats, you know that, of course, every supporter of President Trump is a closet white supremacist.

Trump a few days ago tweeted out an ad that featured blood-curdling footage of a maniacal cop killer, Luis Bracamontes, an illegal immigrant and murderer.

Sure, this ad preys on our fears. But that’s politics.

Almost immediately, because Bracamontes is Hispanic, Trump was accused of releasing a racist ad, and the echo chamber in the press convinced itself not that this was not an opinion, but a fact. In a November 3, piece, for example, the New York Times just casually refers to the ad as racist, as if the contention was indisputable:

Anna Greenberg, a managing partner of the Democratic polling firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, said that Mr. Trump’s dark view of immigration, articulated in a racist video posted to his Twitter account and several fiery speeches, was likely to repel suburban and educated women.

And of course, it goes without saying, the man who tweeted it must be racist as well.

CNN refuses to run it, which frankly is an attack of free political speech. As is the New York Times characterization of it as racist in a supposedly neutral news article.

Now, let me ask you, if you’re going to do an ad about the threat posed by illegal immigrants, who are you going to put in it, a bunch of Scotsmen?

How do we know this ad is racist? Why is using an evil person who is also Hispanic ipso facto a racist thing to do? Just because some people might react to it in a racist manner does make the intent of the ad racist. The intent is clearly to show an evil person and the threat represented by allowing millions of people into America whose first act in this country is to break the law by not entering properly.

So here’s the rule: No negative portrayals of a Hispanic when criticizing illegal immigrants. That is, no criticizing illegal immigrants at all.

Because at heart you’re just a racist, not someone trying to preserve and defend the country.

The characterization of this ad is just another example of the weaponization of political correctness. Fortunately, most people know better than the Leftists and elitists who try to demonize political opinion.

8 Responses to Why is an Ad About Illegal Immigration Racist Because it Features an Hispanic?

  1. Suburban and educated women will be repelled by a dark opinion of (illegal) immigration? OK.
    It’s always curious that Dems never seem to understand their own insults and racist/homophobe comments show them to be worse than those they vilify.

    • There is a reason why the Dems must claim that MrTrump is “racist”, even without any proof, and that is to keep their base of Af-Ams in line.
      I’m not sure that the racist charge even works anymore.

  2. Any time the election gets close, the Dems/media find everything the Repubs do to be racist. If they could think of a more damaging epithet (as far as their bases are concerned) they would use it instead.