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Republicans Have the Momentum in Final Days of the Election

Well, of course, you’re not seeing it reported much – and even Politico, which put this story out, minimizes it by just throwing into a list of stories – but the polls are tightening and momentum is on the side of the GOP.

Republicans are looking to be in much better shape than just a week ago and may be on the cusp of holding the House and keeping the Senate.

Note that this is occurring as President Trump steps up his touring of the country and emphasizes illegal immigration, which is important to voters but that the press merely casts as racist fearmongering.

You are being told that by listening to Trump, you are racist, misogynist, haters of gay people, angry, and fearful.

Well, maybe you are a little angry and fearful. Given the direction of the country, you have every right to be. But you are not haters. People proudly wear the “deplorable” label because they get that the Left and the press do not understand their fellow Americans and the goodness of people who are trying to protect the very thing that made this nation great.

Here’s Politico on its own latest survey:

According to the poll, 43 percent of registered voters would vote for the Democratic congressional candidate in their district — only slightly more than the 40 percent who would vote for the Republican candidate. Eighteen percent of registered voters are undecided.

Among those who say they are very likely to vote or have already voted, Democrats lead by 4 percentage points, 47 percent to 43 percent.

That’s a slightly smaller edge for Democrats than other public polls conducted in the immediate run-up to the election, but it fits an overall trend of modest tightening on the general ballot.

In an ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted Oct. 29-Nov. 1, Democrats led by 7 points among registered voters and 8 points among likely voters, down from 11 points and 13 points in October, respectively.

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, conducted Nov. 1-3, found Democrats ahead by 6 points among registered voters and 7 points among likely voters, down from 7 points and 9 points, respectively, in October.

The POLITICO/Morning Consult poll was conducted in between those two surveys, from Oct. 30-Nov. 2. Democrats’ 3-point lead among all registered voters is down from an 8-point lead in the previous poll, which was conducted Oct. 25-30.

15 Responses to Republicans Have the Momentum in Final Days of the Election

  1. I watched 60 Minutes last night. They did a segment on the senate race in Texas. The Democrats are grooming O’Rourke for future big things. One political “expert” suggested that as Texas turns more brown, younger and having more liberal ideas it will turn purple then blue. That is exactly what the USA does not need. Another California.

    At the end of the program Bloomberg did a commercial. He made a big point that in the past he has supported candidates from both parties. He talked about Trump (not by name) having a closed iron fist instead of an open hand. He showed a picture of the ticking federal debt clock. (I do not recall the Democrats being concerned about the debt when Obama was president.) Then he encouraged everyone to vote Democratic. I wonder how much the commercial cost him. Billionaires can do things we fly over people can’t.

    • Well they got money to burn and waste, how many billion went into the 2016 election ? They seem to forget its not money that gets one elected more than substance, Its what do you stand for? jobs, lower taxes, safety, economy, strong Military, no corruption, smaller gov’t, Federal rule of law judges and so on. Make no mistake Trump has hit the goldmine because he did what he promised he would, health care he tried but one GOP senator said no killed his bill Dead
      McCain, did not pass had it he would have achieved all of his pledges in 2 yrs, now we want more so keep voting red GOP ALL THE WAY. TO BETTER GREATNESS God bless if we put him first in out lives and country.

  2. An undercover video shows staffers on U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill’s campaign describing how Planned Parenthood sends money to her secretly so she will not look as pro-abortion to Missouri voters.
    A pro-abortion Democrat, McCaskill is considered one of the most vulnerable senators running for re-election in November, Townhall reports. After voting against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, she fell behind her opponent, pro-life Republican Josh Hawley, in the polls.
    The video, released by Project Veritas this week, shows how McCaskill’s campaign appears to be trying to appeal to moderate voters in the mid-western state by downplaying her radical pro-abortion stance.
    “It’s f——- beautiful” how Planned Parenthood indirectly supports McCaskill’s campaign, one staffer tells an undercover investigator.
    Get out and vote all RED for the November election. Urge all of your Republican, Conservative and other friends to do the same and urge them to urger others. For the sake of this country NEVER vote for a DemocRAT again, NEVER, the future of this country, you children and grandchildren depend upon it.

  3. Q FOLK SQUEEZE THE DEM LEMONS TO PULP,they are nothing in todays world but lying hate mongers who use tactics from Communism to scream lie cheat, steal , broadcast hate, incite violence, bare false witness,to pin down opponents and jump a ahead [don’t let a good crises go to waste],[no crises is to small]to use in jamming up the other side. Its the DEM playbook based on Saul Alinsky rules for radicals. Obama and Hillary’s book of political choice. These are the two tarnished gems in the DEM party, they have no party but are trying to build one ground up hooked on hard socialism and Communism. Never vote for DEM’S touting tax raising as their goal with a lie its for the rich 1 percent. Taxes is a legal form of stealing needed to sustain government operations. If the billionaires Gates, Buffett, others can make hugh money just by investing why not the gov’t too and stop taxing. or start holding gold again as a monitory back up. If its going to be free for the millions of undocumented why not the rest of us who are legal? we could use the help!! OH it would deplete the coffers , the undocs don’t pay into our system, just pull from it, stop the money flow to foreign countries and give it to us, its our money any way.

  4. I refuse to answer pollsters questions anymore. I let my vote talk for me. The questions can be phrased to get the answer they want. I think Republicans will do better than the polls are saying.

  5. “Angry and fearful”? Angry, yes. Fearful, hell, no! I’m just an average guy, but I will bet you that I’ve done more in my life for the country and nation I love than at least 2/3rd of the nattering, nit-picking, numb-skulls who sling ad hominem attacks as their debating points. They can sling all the accusations they want…I have two raised middle fingers and a vote to show my opinion of them and their crap.