As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Trump MAGA Rally – Huntington, West Virginia

Set to begin at 4:40 pm ET.

5 Responses to Live Stream || Trump MAGA Rally – Huntington, West Virginia

  1. Central West Virginia is not getting anything from the economic boom. Our factories went to China, our youth either moved away to get jobs or got into drugs. A new big factory would probably just flood us with illegal immigrants.

    But we still support Trump because are Americans first — and Trump supports our nation.

  2. UHHHH! Is It Just Me – Or, Has Anyone Noticed This About FoxNEWS Recently?…..

    …..That the past few days they have not been airing OUR President Trump’s speeches – LIVE – anymore?
    This trend has been increasing on FoxNews all week.

    For instance, tonight, OUR President Trump’s speech in Huntington, W. Virginia, was shown in a small screen, in the background, without audio, while both Lou Dobbs and Martha Mac Callum went about their business with scheduled/choreographed guests.

    As far as OUR President Trump’s appearance in Southport, Indiana tonight I don’t know if it was shown live. I turned off the TV in disgust.

    I only turned it on again awhile ago to watch Hannity’s opening monologue and guess what? I again saw only the OBUNGLER’S dumb-ass blundering speech in Miami. The same one that FoxNews has been showing all day! Again, I turned off the TV in disgust.

    At least Hannity, as much as I have come to distrust him with his Bill O’Reilly style hype, seems to be the only one of the FoxNews anchors that continuously airs the latest Project Veritas exposure’s.

    Has FoxNews bailed on Trump and the Repug’s completely? Somebody, with clout, should ask them if they are truly Conservative or R-I-N-O!.

  3. Commercials that are interrupted with ‘news’ tell me that both are directed, scripted, acted, produced by the same antiChrist philanthropists as with ‘news’ & ‘hollywood’ posting side by side on the same ‘news’ app. It floors me that any above average intellect would waste a second of his attention on this disreality. Commercials equal antiChrist dope & both keep God dead.