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Video || Don Lemon Stokes Racial Strife With Claim White Men are “Biggest Terror Threat”

Why do this? Why bring race into it?

Because the urge to demonize President Trump, and his supporters, is so great that the CNN anchor couldn’t resist. And there will be no repercussions for a race-based assertion in this case.

“The biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them,” said CNN host Don Lemon. So what are we going to do about them?

This is not even factually correct. If you look at ten the worst mass shootings of the last fifteen years, less than half – four – were committed by white people. Muslims are way over-represented, having inflicted three of the slaughters.

Okay. So now, after our time out from Don Lemon, let’s get back to that unity thing.

Thank God Lemon is in a different studio than Chris Cuomo. You never know what the crazy white man might do.

5 thoughts on “Video || Don Lemon Stokes Racial Strife With Claim White Men are “Biggest Terror Threat””

  1. Can you imagine the outcry and condemnation that would have followed if a white conservative had publicly stated that black men are the biggest threat to the country?

    If President Trump had said this???!!!

    This is just par for the course for the hypocritical media…

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