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Trump is the antidote to a virulent October outbreak of political correctness

From an article I have running today in the Washington Examiner:

Political correctness is on the march this October. President Trump, whose name is figuratively on every ballot next week, is defiantly resisting it, and he might just prevail. The very crudeness and unwillingness to apologize that even many Republicans abhor in Trump has value in that it gives them armor against the Left’s politically correct demands, which seek to disarm conservatives by demonizing them. Republicans find they can’t launch their arguments because their points are being destroyed in their silos by political correctness.

Trump is a new kind of defense against this.

Trump in recent days has been pummeled for proclaiming himself a nationalist. Nationalism, the core of Trump’s “America First” ideology, is right now a word that must not be spoken lest one be accused of surreptitiously saying “white nationalism” or harboring nostalgia for Nazis and other fascists. But Trump’s entire movement is populist-nationalist in character, a revolt of average Americans against their establishment “betters” on the East and West Coasts who have sought to impose their cosmopolitan values on the country.

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3 thoughts on “Trump is the antidote to a virulent October outbreak of political correctness”

  1. It’s been a long time coming for Americans who aren’t trying to impress anyone with phony thoughtfulness and concern.
    For instance:
    Most of us believed that marriage was supposed to be between a man and a woman, because the purpose of the marriage was to provide a stable home for future children born to the couple. But, nooo, to think like that was not PC, and just downright mean.
    What happened was the “beating continued until” we caved and said – oh heck, who cares now. They won the fight for same sex marriage.
    We still don’t agree with it, but it’s not worth the fight. Or is it.

    MrTrump was elected to be exactly what he told us he would be, what he would say, what he would do, and we were so relieved to find that someone else wasn’t buying all that phony TLC and PC bologna.
    He’s OUR guy and we like it.

    1. Yes, the ‘quaint’ marriage ceremony which is defiled & degraded & mocked by ‘same-sexism’ & ‘party marriages’ (cohabitation) & the ‘joy’ of illegitimate children. The rightly married should be disgusted, indignant, & furious against the sodomites who stick it to God & the casual sexists who are equal to 4 legged animals. It is the same principle as the rightly naturalized & assimilated immigrants enraged against the ‘invaders’.

  2. Don’t mean to shortchange your latest article.. awesome as always but please pray for my state of Georgia in the coming days. Our wonderful President and Vice President are coming here to rally for Brian Kemp for governor.. but also the deplorable O’s ..Obama and Oprah to campaign for the Marxist who I shall not name. Thank you.

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