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I Was Wrong About Who Sent the Suspicious Packages

I admit it. I was wrong about the who sent the suspicious packages to a variety of Democrats.

I speculated that it was more likely than not a leftist, possibly someone from Antifa, sending out pipe bombs or facsimiles thereof. I thought it seemed well-planned, given the number sent out, and that someone putting this much thought into it would want to help their cause. And the cause being helped was that of Democrats who could cast President Trump and his backers as lunatics. Deplorable lunatics. Oh, how they will enjoy doing just that in the weeks ahead.

I did caveat my statement by saying that I wasn’t sure and it could well be a crazy conservative. That appears to be who did this, although I doubt the label “conservative” applies. More like a vicious hater. But the fact remains that I said I thought it was more probably a leftist, and if I had been right and it was Antifa, I’d have been strutting around like a rooster bragging about the wisdom of my ways.

So I’ll take my lumps. But I do not regret it, and I maintain that ridiculing suggestions that this could be a false flag attack is crazier than suggesting it. Because there was ample reason to believe it could be a savvy leftist. Because we just had a massive false flag attack by Russian bots posing as Americans. And because many of those who dismissed the false flag suggestions continue assuming and reporting relentlessly that President Trump colluded with the Russians, a charge for which there is no evidence at all.

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  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff K. I’m heading to the local gun range here in GA to support our county candidates with a BBQ. I know of no one who is deterred from the goal 11/6/2018.

  2. You are right far more often than not, Keith. It was the most reasonable educated guess to make, and it will *still* be the most reasonable first thought when the next event happens, because 90% of such acts so far in the past 10 years have been.

    In our small Texas county, early voting in the first two days outstripped ALL early voting for the March primaries. We Americans are voting, because our very lives depend on it, and we know it.

    May our God bless and protect Donald John Trump and all Deplorables, and all those who ally themselves with us.

    1. Hit enter too soon… I do not consider criminals to be among our allies, and the man arrested for this has a long history of lashing out in crazy ways. It is a blessing that no one was hurt by his latest stunt.

      There was a Democrat arrested on Tuesday for attempting to purchase radioactive materials to “cause death” – a man who had already gotten some media notoriety for harassing Republicans. I haven’t heard Shep Smith carrying on about how Nancy Pelosi contributed to that and should put down her megaphone….

  3. Meh. We had the same Men at Work thought: Who could it be now? Your work requires publishing your thoughts.

    As the analysis goes, yours was well thought out, plausible, and only second to the truth. And above all else you have the humility to state that. I’ll die a decrepit old man waiting for the LSM to suffer humility.

  4. I still believe there is more to this story. That van was too pristine and looked to be in very good shape. With that much Trump support wrapped around it, I am sure that van would have had some hard times with these easily triggered liberal mobs.

    1. In my area, it’s ok to have “Hate Trump” info, but if any conservative bumper stickers on the car… it will certainly open self up to damage.

  5. I’m holding on to the question: why send fake bombs. Why now.
    Just because someone is crazy or a fanatic, doesn’t mean they’re stupid, too. He knew they were not going to explode, so what was the motive?
    Until further info comes out or someone can explain the whys, I’m still not sure who this guy is or if he acted alone.
    As for the “false flag” – nothing is more false than a device meant to look like a bomb, but unable to explode.

    1. Cisco says:
      October 26, 2018 at 10:28 pm
      A clock that has no alarm function, thus it can’t make anything go “off”
      Packages sent to people who don’t open their own mail.
      You think Ozero goes to his mail box in his slippers and gets his own mail?
      Same for the other recipients of the fake, phony, bs, bogus “bombs/IED’s.
      And the patsy’s van just plastered with Trump paraphernalia.
      Nice touch putting the MAGA hats in the back window.
      Patsy, because that’s what he is.
      Hey media, here’s another Republican mad bomber.

      1. Obama doesn’t get his own mail in his robe, and the Mooch doesn’t make him coffee and cereal. Fake “happy” Obama family, fake bombs, fake perpetrator, and fake news. What is real: the caravans, voter fraud, the lies to prevent Kavanaugh, and the ABSOLUTE VITAL IMPORTANCE of keeping power out of the hands of corrupt Progressives! Republican, MAGA!

  6. I will overlook your crass mistake :))
    I would have bet Left-winger, too.
    Plus, as someone wrote earlier – the bombs don’t seem to have been designed to go off.
    At least Mueller didn’t lead the investigation – they wrapped it up in 4 days.

  7. Something smells. His lawyer says he has the IQ of a 15 yr old, slept in his truck hopped up on steroids….
    Could he be the dupe? Remember in school when someone put the slow kid up to doing something stupid? The slow kid took the blame and in the corner sat the real culprit, snickering….
    How did this man even make these items and send them if he had low intelligence and little or no means to concoct the “bombs”? There is more to this story….

  8. Keith you admitted you were wrong. When was the last time you heard a liberal/democrat do that?

    For evidence – just look at these Great Society programs that we’ve been doing for the last 50 years and have failed utterly. Do the liberals admit these policies have made things WORSE for the people they were supposed to help?

  9. You may want to hold that ‘Me Culpa’ awhile. Consider this; What are the odds the FBI captured Cesar Sayoc Jr with a van covered in Donald Trump stickers in Broward County, FL where Sheriff Israel is Sheriff and Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in office? And on Hillary Clinton’s birthday to boot?

    And while the news focuses on his pristine van covered with new Trump political stickers, he has a long rap sheet over several states with at least 3 felonies and should not have been on the FL voter roles at all.

    Note too his My bio said ‘Democratic Party’ as Political Party until taken down. (But I took a screen shot.)

    There is a lot more to this story.

  10. Keith, as all here have said, there’s much more to this story. Hopefully the investigators are not waylaid in finding and presenting the real, actual truth. We’ve seen the deep state act so unlawfully recently…
    I also find 0bama’s input to be absolutely horrendous, yet par for the course in his pathetic life.

  11. A lot of us thought the same way…perhaps only as pushback against the media jumping directly to the theory that it was tied to our president.

  12. I suspected it was leftists, but did think it might be the crazy factor. This guy did us a lot of damage. We’ll be hearing for the rest of our lives about the Trump supporter who sent bombs to Progs.

    I’d like to think there is more to the story. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Problem is the Swamp at the FBI is probably burying the truth if the truth is not that this guy did it.

    Good for you for admitting that your analysis led you to the wrong conclusion. I think that honesty is admirable.

  13. Your theory was still more plausible than a sane Trump supporter. Truth is, from all I’ve seen, he was politically & emotionally conflicted. We still don’t have all the motivation facts. He was struggling with money so maybe he made a deal…

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