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MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Likens Trump and His Supporters to Hitler and the Nazis

MSNBC anchor and former Geroge W. Bush communications director Nicolle Wallace Wednesday compared the cheering crowds at a Trump rally to those that applauded Hitler.

Wallace was riffing off criticism by New York Times reporter Peter Baker of President Trump’s use of language Baker said originated with Nazi sympathizers, Stalin, and Hitler.

Baker said:

He doesn’t care if history conveys a meaning with these words. Or maybe he does and it’s OK with him because the message he’s trying to get out is one that says he more than anybody else is standing up for the United States. And it resonates with the crowd last night in Houston. I was there. They loved it. They booed the word “globalist;” they cheered the word “nationalist.” When he said “I am a nationalist,” they chanted “USA! USA!” This is galvanizing language for his core supporters.

To which Wallace replied: “I watch enough History Channel to know that they cheered at Hitler, too.” Wallace, according to the Washington Free Beacon, went on to say that, by “nationalism,” Trump meant “white nationalism.”

17 Responses to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Likens Trump and His Supporters to Hitler and the Nazis

  1. When the fanatics of the Leftist media cabal like Nicolle Wallace start dusting off the Hitler thing to insult and destroy their enemies, you know they’ve run out of intelligence discourse and the ability to persuade anyone of anything.

  2. Her fake disdain for anything to do with Trump gets old. Shaking her head and dismissing anyone who agrees with Trump gets old too. I love the thought of the President putting America first and no worrying what other countries think. If you’re going to be the world leader, lead from the front. Not like Obama who wanted praise from other countries while dumping on the U.S.

    • In the bizarro world of the anti-American Lefties, leaders of all other countries are permitted to support the interests of their countries. But they scream in anger when our leaders support the interests of the United States. They really are a strange lot, aren’t they?

  3. Raiders Nation
    National Football league
    National News
    National Press

    Careful with the use of National….. BTW.. I am a national of the United States… Glad to have an elected official that puts my interests first.

    PS — in WWII the British, US and others spoke of their nation and nationality and such too…

  4. You can’t have a nation without nationalism. Nationalism used to be a good thing. One of the reasons we got into World War 1 was to allow the various peoples under the control of the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires to govern themselves e.g. Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, etc.

    A nation without borders is not a naton.

    As for Nicole Wallace – if it weren’t for 9/11 and John Kerry being an abysmal candidate – she would have been out of a job four years early.

  5. They watch the MAGA rallies very closely and are terrified at what they mean – there are ordinary Americans of all classes, races, and ages who just adore MrTrump and approve of his agenda.
    So long as they believe that “all” Americans really hate MrTrump, they can only explain the enthusiasm and support for Trump to some kind of hypnotic trance or a mental illness.

    Of course, they have erased all memory of adoring crowds chanting “O-bam-a, O-bam-a” and listening to the simpering praise offered by many of their peers.

  6. Aside from being cliche, aside from labeling the users as ignorant of history, the constant drumbeat of Nazi and Hitler comparisons encourages what? It encourages an all-out assault on anything identified as Nazi-like and the Hitler-like. It puts the imprimatur of morality on anything that will work, including violent attacks. We are seeing that acted out almost every day now, and unabashedly encouraged my mainline Democrats. It’s not an accident. If a thing is Nazi-like and/or Hitler-like, is not all out warfare justified to extinguish it once and for all? Isn’t a “final solution” called for? Since I am in the group most lately being compared to Nazis, I will only caution that these mindless pols, scribblers and talkers should be careful what they wish for.

  7. Obama did a great job destroying the left and their unsustainable agenda. Thanks Barry, it’s the only useful thing you’ve ever done.

  8. Their desperation is showing. Donald Trump is still POTUS despite their best efforts to oust him, HilLIARy will never be POTUS and the blue wave has slowed to barely a ripple.

  9. Yawn…

    The more the haters do this the higher Trump’s popularity soars. The Bush family and the Clintons are two sides of the same corrupt coin.