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Video || Obama Calls Trump a Liar

I mean, he didn’t mention President Trump by name.

But everyone knows whom Barack Obama is talking about here during a speech he gave Monday in Nevada:

Unlike some, I actually try to state facts, I believe in facts, alright? I believe in a fact-based reality and a fact-based politics. I don’t believe in just making stuff up. I think you should, like actually say to people what’s true.

And then he goes on to some typical Democratic tax cut demagoguery, saying Republicans were trying to help out “billionaires and corporations,” etc.

Of course, like him or hate him, it’s clear Trump is a liar. I think even he’d admit that. You know, if he’s being honest . . .

But the sight of an ex-president attacking his predecessor and his policies in this vicious manner is something pretty new, I think. So let’s drop all this “We go high, they go low” nonsense, okay?

And BTW.

Which gives me an excuse to run this:

10 Responses to Video || Obama Calls Trump a Liar

  1. I must have Obama Trauma. I only read his remarks and I could HEAR his fake-folk style, “alright?”

    Obama didn’t lie? I guess I have False Memory Syndrome, too.

  2. Eight years of lies, misdirection, total spin, evasion of the facts, and he has the nerve to call MrTrump a liar?
    Let’s talk about the “shovel ready jobs”, MrObama, or our health care insurance, OK?

  3. Obama is ‘a lying PRO, ALL his life, is nothing but lies; from his “Bathhouse Barry Days, to his sitting in a Radical Rev.Wrights’ church where gays lives were covered up, marrying them off to women as Wright
    preached HIS HATE FOR AMERICA, and Obama(even Oprah)
    ate it up! So this LIAR IN CHIEF calls POTUS TRUMP a liar….priceless!

    POTUS Trump has done MORE in less than two years FOR AMERICA and it’s citizens than the Marxist O, did in “8 LONG YEARS, as he tried to Take Down This Republic, on orders from his Puppet Master, Evil George Soros.”

    Nice Try Obama, who came out of his mansion in D.C.
    from his “DOPE SMOKING and Jarrett telling him what he SHOULD DO, along with Michelle.” Read that on the net folks, as the Dope Smoker KNOWS he is a Loser-World Wide, and Put the M.E. in CHAOS! along with his Other BLUNDERS, and certainly in America, that Trump “IS NOW UNDOING”

  4. Love his fake “down home” drawl. He’s an elitist in love with his own voice. So glad he had the economy ready to roll for Trump. Just wondering why he didn’t get it roll for himself? He would have rather drag ppl down into poverty than lift ppl out of poverty. Loser.

  5. Not only did “Obama call Trump a Liar” so did Keith Koffler, the writer of this article. Read what Keith said above: “Of course, like him or hate him, it’s clear Trump is a liar. I think even he’d admit that. You know, if he’s being honest . . .”

    Keith is a disgrace and I have changed my views about this website. I’m disgusted with Koffler.