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Stacey Abrams is “Sick and Tired of Hearing About the Free Market” and Health Care

Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is obviously on the increasingly crowded Democratic bandwagon to put the government in charge of health care.

Well, if you socialize medicine, a lot of people are going to be “sick and tired” quite often as the incompetence, petty tyranny, and rationing of services that will characterize a government-run system kicks in.

What’s interesting to me here is what she betrays in her statement about health care, which is a general antipathy toward capitalism. Believe me, it’s health care first, and then we’ll see what else we can nationalize. Look at this statement:

The problem with the free market is that the free market needs to make a profit. And there is no profit in doing the right thing.

That’s a very hostile statement with respect to the system of economics that has provided our country with its wealth and supported its freedom. The free market is evil, she believes. Capitalists don’t do the right thing.

Georgians are very close to putting a person with such views in charge of their state. They will soon regret it.

4 Responses to Stacey Abrams is “Sick and Tired of Hearing About the Free Market” and Health Care

  1. Gee Stacy, do you realize how sick and tired we are of hearing how no-nothing Dems think they have the answer to everything?
    Yes, we’re also sick and tired of hearing about government health care, too.
    Change the subject.

    • Oh the Federal government can run health care — just look at how the VA helps(?) veterans with medical problems.

      The Canadian government does such a good job that Canadians with money come to the U.S. for hospital care.

  2. Here in Panama we have a dual system on health care. I do private. I have been exposed to government run a couple of times. Last year I wanted a flu shot. The first two times I went the line was so long I did not want to wait over 2 hours to get one. On the third trip I got one in just under an hour. They charged zero. They also asked if I wanted a tetanus. I needed one so got it. I’ve seen on TV you can get a flu shot at a Walgreens. How easy!! Some Americans here have Medicare and fly back to the States.

    I use to live in North Central Texas. A vet told me had had been going to VA in Dallas. Just as he began to learn the staff and they know him VA transferred him to Oklahoma City. He said he had to start all over again. The medical staff is working for the government, not you.