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Quote of the Day || Friday, October 19, 2018

“I think we’re going to beat Cruz. There’s a caravan of new voters on its way from Honduras.”

– Texas Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

A note from my power attorneys: The is not an actual quote.

8 Responses to Quote of the Day || Friday, October 19, 2018

  1. Y’d think the Dems would be warning these people that America is a terrible racist country overseen by a demented, idiot President. Not exactly Utopia, if that’s what the S.Americans are hoping for when they set foot in our country.
    Unskilled, barely literate, non-English speaking means they can hope for their own place on a sidewalk in Los Angeles, their very own tent, too.
    Maybe that’s a step up for them. Who knows.

  2. Who has been feeding these people, giving them a place to bath and sleep. None that the news show have any road dust on them or are sweating. Hair is clean and shiny…inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Looks like the Mexican Federales may be interfering with Beto’s plans — maybe he ought to demand that Bob Mueller refocus his attention.

  4. Will the Mexican authorities process females & children for entry into Mexico while detaining the males somewhat? Can President Trump succeed in closing the border as his haters smash sanity just in time for the ‘midterm elections’? Stay tuned for another exciting episode of the Blinding Sight!