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Trump Stymied in Effort to Decrease Illegal Border Crossings

Illegal migration across the Mexican border this year is little different than it was under President Obama and, compared to some years, may even be higher, according to data released by the Department of Homeland Security’s United States Customs and Border Protection agency.

In August, the last month for which complete data are available, there were 46,560 total apprehensions of illegal crossers. That compares to just 30,567 last year year and 42,415 during August 2015. There were 51,893 in August 2016.

September looks to be even worse. According to the Washington Post, a record number of migrants with children entered the United States illegally in September. Border patrol agents arrested 16,658 family members in September, the highest one-month total on record and 80 percent higher than the number arrested in July.

What all of this means, according to the CBP, is that laws need to be changed in order to address the issue:

The August Southwest Border Apprehension/Inadmissible numbers are a clear indicator that the migration flows are responding to gaps in our nation’s legal framework. While the overall numbers are consistent with an expected seasonal increase, the number of family unit apprehensions increased 38%, approximately 3,500 more than July. In August, the number of family units apprehended represented 34% of all Southwest Border apprehensions, an increase from an average of 25% for the year.

A graph released by the CBP shows that, essentially, nothing’s changed.

When President Trump last spring sought to apply existing laws to the illegal immigration problem, he was accused of cruelly separating families. Democrats in Congress, instead of acting to change statutes so that families could be held together, insisted that Trump step back from the “new policy” of enforcing the law. Faced with a public relations nightmare, Trump complied.

The president, obviously frustrated by his inability to solve the problem, Thursday said he would send troops to the Mexican border if necessary to stop the incursion of illegal crossers and the flow of drugs into the country.

8 thoughts on “Trump Stymied in Effort to Decrease Illegal Border Crossings”

  1. Guess the Dems are refilling their voter roles. Too bad they don’t care about black voters ass much. Guess they never did. Only when it came time to collect votes. Never amazes me that the left is all for abortion rights and promoting the practice. It falls so heavy on blacks. 19 million abortions sine 1973. To me, that’s 19 million less ppl to vote your way.

  2. Illegals are pouring in because they know once you get here, especially if you can drop anchor baby, fool Americans are going to make it hard to deport you.

    Send the military in, start massive workplace raids, ignore the MSM, arrest the flash mobs that are going to show up to block vehicles moving arrested illegals — make Mexico pay for the wall — it’s been two years and my most important issue hasn’t been addressed.

  3. Why “Build The Wall”?…Just use thousands of Landmines along the US-Mexico border. They are cheaper…and more ‘interesting’-LOL

  4. According to numerous news stories, Nazi collaborator George Soros is deeply involved in sponsoring illegal immigrants from various countries including, one suspects, the current herd of illegal immigrants coming up from Honduras right now.

    Soros-Fueled PAC Paying Salaries to Employees at Pro-Illegal Immigrant Group


    “Soros Group Gave $100K for Illegal Aliens’ Legal Fees”

    And many other similar articles on the topic.

    So Soros is aiding and abating illegal activity to undermine the safety ad security of American citizens. Why isn’t he in jail?

    1. ‘Nazi’ tactics would have to be used in the capture of Soros (whose birth name was Schwartz which was changed in 1936 to Soros) along with the rest of the known antiChrists who are paid to steal, lie, kill & destroy. But then that would ‘Hitlerian’.

  5. How about allowing these people in under the condition that their numbers are automatically counted as Republican votes? They would be automatically put into the vote count for Republicans for 10 election cycles. Same with the people you let in every year. This is basically what the Dems are doing now.

  6. Hey President Trump,
    If you are reading this, please send the military to secure the border. Build that wall. Take control of this mess on the border ASAP!

  7. I claim President Trump is a Legend!! It saddens me to say that I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like Him.
    If the United States of America was a Night Club I’d say we hired the Best Doorman and Bouncer Money could buy!!!

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