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Bolton and Kelly Get in Profanity-Laced Shouting Match Over Immigration

Both CNN and Bloomberg are reporting that National Security Advisor John Bolton and White House Cheif of Staff John Kelly got into a verbal brawl over the continued influx of illegal immigrants into the country.

According to CNN:

A heated argument in the West Wing between chief of staff John Kelly and national security adviser John Bolton over a recent surge in border crossings turned into a shouting match Thursday, two sources familiar with the argument told CNN.

The exchange lay bare a bitter disagreement that has existed between two of President Donald Trump’s top aides for weeks now.

Trump, who was incensed about the rising levels of migrants and threatened to shut down the southern border on Twitter earlier that morning, took Bolton’s side during the argument. Bolton favors a harder line approach to the issue and criticized Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen during the argument, a source said. Nielsen used to serve as Kelly’s deputy when he ran DHS. Bolton reportedly said Nielsen needed to start doing her job, which incensed Kelly.

The President, who sources say was present for the beginning of the shouting match, later denied knowledge of it.

“I’ve not heard about it. No,” Trump told reporters before boarding Air Force One to fly to Montana on Thursday afternoon.

There was some concern within the White House, according to Bloomberg, that one of the two might resign.

That would more likely be Kelly, who has a long list of grievances. I would imagine Kelly will be gone by the end of the year in any case.

7 Responses to Bolton and Kelly Get in Profanity-Laced Shouting Match Over Immigration

  1. CNN? ok. It must be true then. Or not.
    All I got out of this event (if true) is that people are allowed different opinions without fear of reprisal.

  2. I’d like to know what position each took. I’d expect there are more situations like this with so many big egos working in the WH.

    I’d like to shout at the guy in the Caravan who is waving the Honduran flag.

  3. I don’t believe much of CNN’s account. They likely had a normal discussion about grave concerns. No way either of these two intelligent individuals are going to do something outrageous they know will be leaked

  4. A couple of alpha personalities had a shouting match? Really? So?
    Will Kelly go first? More than likely. He’s been in a pressure cooker job for some time. The job he does sucks regardless of who’s president. That’s why there is usually some turnover ….
    In the end…we’ll be fine…