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Trump to Ask Cabinet Members to Cut 5 Percent From Their Budget

President Trump at a Cabinet meeting this morning is asking each Cabinet member to delete 5 percent from their budget.

I’ll say two thing about this.

1. It better not include the Defense Department
2. It doesn’t mean much until Trump takes the leadership role on cutting entitlements. But I suppose, as it did with George W. Bush when he tried to cut Social Security, that will have to wait until he is reelected.

8 Responses to Trump to Ask Cabinet Members to Cut 5 Percent From Their Budget

  1. I remember GWB trying to privatize Social Security, not cut it. SS is something we all pay into, not a freebie.
    Entitlements do need to be cut. So do the ridiculous grants given out, corporate welfare, benefits for illegal aliens, money to Murder, Inc., NPR, National Endowment for the Arts, etc., etc., etc.

  2. Why an illegal can have sex and get free stuff during pregnancy and then her anchor baby gets free stuff for having its foot first touch American soil, is a much bigger issue to me.

    Why does one anchor baby among the three who got smuggled over the border mean food stamps that get spent on the entire family as Mom and Dad continue to work under the table?

    Why do illegals have thousands to smuggle themselves in, then cry poor mouth and say they are doing for the impoverished family back home?

    In other words, 5% reduction is a good symbolic start. Illegal aliens and their offspring are the first entitlements I want looked at. The disabled and the old need help and they are Americans.

  3. Re: Military Spending

    What bothered me was Hurricane Michael wiped out part of the F 22 fleet at Tyndall Air Force Base. These planes were not flyable. Appears the military does not have the money to keep airplanes in the air. I read sometimes ago the Coast Guard needs $1 billion to upgrade. They are using a 70 year old ship. Te Coast Guard knows they are not intercepting all of the drugs.

    • For over a decade The USN has been wasting BILLION$$$ on an entire class of useless warship: The LCS…and has spent HUNDREDS OF MILLION$$$ to fix all the problems with the new FORD class CVNs…and the USN wastes MILLION$$$ on ‘Diversity & Social Justice Programs’

      • The Navy use to keep World War ships anchored at Port Arthur, TX. The idea was these ships could be pressed into service if need be. I’d image by now these old ships are rusted out and would been very expensive to be sea worthy now. I hope these old ships has been sent to a salvage yard. Or sunk to be used to help build a reef.

        • The Navy NEEDS to spend BILLION$ on new new Supply & Logistics ships…but they are “unsexy” ships that Admirals and Politicians never think about…but when we have our next major war (China or Russia?) how to you think we will get our tanks, trucks, fuel, food & bullets to those distant battlefields?

    • The Obama years nearly destroyed our military, re spending, purchasing, upgrading and maintaining the equipment we have. Obama put the nation in very dangerous dire condition– security-wise and militarily-wise and few people outside military circles understand how bad Obama made it. I could tell you stories. Hillary would have delivered the death blow. I have two sons, both Chief Master Sergeants in the USAF, and they kept me current with what was going on in the Obama years, and tell me the positive things happening now, under Trump. I myself am retired USAF and I talk to people in that world who tell me what was going on under Obama. All the difference in the world now under Trump and more good stuff to come.

  4. President Trump has set the lead. Does he not already donate his entire salary? Is it not true that a number of his staff also work for no pay? Has he not put into effect that someone leaving his staff is restrained by time limits and other considerations the jobs they may take?
    He had his own security people when he entered the WH and it was only by insistence on federal law that he accepted the governments. Previous presidents who CAN afford their own security, insurance, and offices are still living on the taxpayers dime.
    President Bush tried to curb that with a ten year limit. The next president rolled it back to lifetime. Outgoing politicians end up with millions and yet hold their hands out for the taxpayers to still provide. Money that could be used more beneficially.

    As far as anchor babies go, rescind the law stating that any baby born on American soil is automatically an American. The influx of illegals would soon dry up.