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Trump: Warren DNA Test Reveals She is a Fraud

He’s absolutely right, and where is the outraged coverage in the media about what Warren did in releasing her DNA test?

Let’s imagine at one point that Trump claimed to be Native American, as Elizabeth Warren has. And then he decided to release a test showing that if he is, he’s probably around 1/256th Native American. Imagine the ridicule in the press, that he thinks that just because his toenail is Native American, then he is.

And imagine how he would be called an idiot for even release such a test, which, actually proves that you are NOT Native American.

It’s like calling a beef stew a carrot because that’s one of the ingredients.

9 thoughts on “Trump: Warren DNA Test Reveals She is a Fraud”

  1. She committed a crime; she intended to defraud Harvard college in order to enhance her resume when applying for a job there. She lied about her heritage, she played the system and got caught.
    Harvard college is to blame for this, too. The ridiculous platform of diversity instead of merit made it possible for anyone to use their criteria by lying – no proof necessary.

    She could have stopped all this by admitting she made a ‘mistake'(politicians don’t commit crimes), apologize to the Indian community and it’s all over.
    But, no.
    Now, she pays for her deception with national ridicule that starts with the President.

  2. This is the second time in the past couple of years Elizabeth Warren has peddled the claim she has Native American ancestry. Not just a little ancestry which many of us have (I am 3 percent Penobscot), mind you, but close ancestry, a grandparent, for example. Her story was proven false the first time she trotted it out, and it will be proven false again. We read in the past couple of days that leaders in the Cherokee Nation are furious with her for making the claim.

    So why is Warren making the claim? Again.

    Then a possible reason came to mind. It’s this: on her application for a position at Harvard she noted that she had Native American ancestry, which we now know was a lie. And Harvard then hired her to teach ONE course for $430,000.

    How much her claim of Native American ancestry (which would kick in Harvard’s affirmative action policies, obviously) influenced Harvard to hire her, and not someone else without Native American ancestry is a key question.

    At any rate, her claim of Indian ancestry on her application would seem to constitute the elements of a fraud on her part. If that is the case, has someone, some legal group perhaps, begun investigating the false information on her Harvard application? Is that why she feels the need to defend herself and once again show “proof” she has Native American ancestry– to avoid a lawsuit? Just asking.

  3. Harvard’s endowment is $34 Billion. The largest in the world plus they receive $500-$600 million a year from the federal government. They can afford being wasteful on paying such outrageous money to her. Federal money going to them should be stopped. Considering how many Ivy League schools in federal government it won’t be stopped.

  4. My DNA says I am 0.2% North African and Arabian. I also have more Neanderthal DNA variants than 92% of the populations tested.

    Maybe I can claim minority status, too.

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