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Jimmy Carter is Fundraising for the Democrats

Here’s an email I just got from Jimmah:

Allow me to be blunt:

I’m asking for $1 before the final federal fundraising deadline in 24 hours to elect a Democratic House.

I’ve watched in shock these past few weeks as this Administration shamelessly degraded the dignity of our nation’s highest court and intentionally belittled women.

I cannot stand idly by as Republicans dismantle decades of important progress — and neither should you.

All Democrats must band together to win a House that will stop them and protect us.

God save us. Will we ever be rid of Jimmy Carter? No, I don’t want him to die. I just want him to go back to picking peanuts and not interfering to do more damage than he did during hsi presidency. Like when he neogitaited a “deal” with North Korea on his own when Bill Clinton, supposedly, was about to take care of the problem militarily a quarter century ago.

Think of it. The man was elected president 42 years ago and he’s still going. He was elected during the disco era. Six years after the Beatles broke up. And I think, twelve years after Moses descended from Mount Sinai with the tablets.

Please, someone make it stop. Jimmah asking should be incentive to TAKE money from the Democrats.

6 thoughts on “Jimmy Carter is Fundraising for the Democrats”

  1. Bless his heart. Asking for $1 to stop, uh, them and protect people like him? He doesn’t mention what he fears from “them”, but it is close to Halloween so maybe he’s thinking zombies or demons from the dark.
    No matter.

  2. It only took a moment for Obama (“The One we’ve been waiting for) to end the courtesy that former-Presidents extend to the President in office.

    I wish all these former Presidents would shut their mouths. Jimmy Carter – there are still lots of people who could use a Habitat for Humanity house. Fund-raise for that.

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