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Hillary Clinton: Bill’s Affair With Monica Lewinsky Was Not an abuse of Power

You almost have to feel sorry for Hillary Clinton. Not only did she lose two presidential elections she was supposed to win, but she’s now on the wrong side of the #MeToo movement, and even her place as a pioneer for women in politics is in jeopardy.

That’s because her husband is a serial abuser of women, and possibly even a rapist, and she’s enabled him and stood by him the whole time.

Sunday, she told CBS that he didn’t abuse his power during his affair with Monica Lewinsky, saying she “was an adult.”

What she was, was a 22-year-old intern when Bill Clinton began an affair with her. He was 49. Any corporate executive that did this would have immediately been fired and would never have been able to get another similar job, even before the #MeToo movement.

Monica Lewinsky is spending the rest of her life being “Monica Lewinsky.” She has never married and is childless. One wonders what her life would have been like if Bill hadn’t stepped into it.

It’s nice to see a journalist ask about this. But he’s not so brave, because now she’s even disliked by the Left. Where were questions like these during the campaign?

Hillary lives in an alternate universe. She has to, because it would be much too painful for her to live in the one the rest of us do.

6 Responses to Hillary Clinton: Bill’s Affair With Monica Lewinsky Was Not an abuse of Power

  1. Hillary looks old, tired, and medicated. Apparently for her fans believe protecting abortion rights is much more important than sexual harassment and rape (so long as abortion rights are protected and democrats are in power).

  2. “One wonders what her life would have been like if Bill hadn’t stepped into it.”

    Sorry, but I hold no sympathy for Monica Lewinsky. She chose this route.

  3. “Old, tired, and medicated” – I would add “alcoholic”

    Go do a search on “Hillary Clinton drunk” and see what you find.

    Not to mention her “activist bitches” video. She looks smashed in that one.

    But if I were married to Bill Clinton I’d drink too.

    Hillary is filthy rich. Monica Lewinsky’s last name is now entered the popular lexicon as a synonym for several sexual acts. I’m sure that’s not the way she wanted to be remembered.

    And Bill is such a sociopath that he never apologized and once said that he did it “because he could.” And he still thinks his impeachment is a “badge of honor.”

    These two vile human beings are revolting.

  4. And I do feel sorry for Monica. She was attracted to Clinton and he used her for his selfish purposes instead of tossing her out of the White House that second. He was totally in control of the situation at that point. Yes, she was wrong to chase a married man but it takes two to tango.

    • Yes. Not only did the Clintons try to completely destroy her, but the corporate media and Democrats in general mocked her, vilified her, refused to tell her side of the story for many years. She made a big mistake letting Billy Clinton have his way, but who hasn’t made big mistakes at that age. And our mistakes did not make page one on all the newspapers in America.