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Melania: “Yes,” I love My Husband

First Lady Melania Trump bravely agreed to an interview without conditions with ABC News, which went ahead and asked her about President Trump’s alleged affairs and whether it was putting a strain on her marriage.

She said:

It is not concern and focus of mine. I’m a mother and a First Lady, and I have much more important things to think about, and to do. I know people like to speculate, and media like to speculate, about our marriage, and circulate the gossip. But I understand the gossip sells newspapers, magazines, getting advertisers and, unfortunately, we live in this kind of world today . . . Media speculating, yeah, it’s not always pleasant, of course. But I know what is right and what is wrong and what is true or not true.”

Asked if she loves her husband, she responded without hesitation: “Yes, we are fine. Yes. It’s what media speculate, and it’s gossip. It’s not always correct stuff.”

I dunno. Did Hillary as first lady get asked if she loved her husband, or even get asked so directly about Monica Lewinsky once Bill had admitted to the affair? Maybe, but if so, I don’t remember it.

As you’ll see below, the correspondent, Tom Llamas, warns that he’s going to ask some tough questions. Why is it the media’s business whether Mrs. Trump loves her husband? That’s not a tough question. That’s an inappropriate question.

14 Responses to Melania: “Yes,” I love My Husband

  1. Who are we to judge what type of marriage works for anyone. When we look back on our own marriages, not one of us can honestly say there weren’t things that we detested or weren’t happy about. We also know that each of us fell short of “perfect”. As we grow older and many would say wiser, we look at our relationships and what is important and what our current priorities are. Lots of people make mistakes and then decide rather than leaving, it is worth working on to salvage what we have. Let bygones be bygones. She is a very gracious woman and a great representative as a First Lady.

  2. Why ask her? Because the MSM/Dems would love to ruin their marriage, to shout that even his wife hates him, and further damage MrTrump’s family.

    ot: English isn’t her first language, maybe not her second or third language, but she manages very nicely, thank you.
    What an incredible woman.

  3. Those jerks get bolder in their GOTCHA questions. Can you imagine the previous administration being asked anything like this? Never. Journalists no longer.

  4. Mrs. Trump knows what’s up with the commercial communist academedia. She even seemed confident of their eventual demise, in her pleasantly aristocratic demeanor.

  5. That organizations have refused to partner with her on projects, says more about them than her. What a missed opportunity by them. Guess being political is more important than helping anyone. She is always so bright, articulate and looks amazing.

  6. I was appalled at the interviewer’s questions. Why would ABC allow their reporter, Tom Llamas to be so demeaning and personally intrusive? I have never seen such an insulting interview; Mr. Llamas was boorish; how can a man stoop so low? How personal can you get? I had looked forward to seeing a respectful interview, but wanted to turn it off throughout the inquisition.

    • You expected something better from the House of Stephanopoulos?

      I knew this was going to be gotcha questions from the getgo; heard radio spots for it today, and just the few previews they gave sounded like a bunch of Sturm, Drang, und Dreck.

  7. I read the Daily Mail every day, and most of the comments about President Trump and Melania are generally positive. For some reason, though, the article about Melania’s ABC interview prompted comments which viciously attacked the First Lady, saying she is as bad or worse than Hillary, that she only stays with Trump for the money, that she doesn’t sleep with him, etc. etc. Strange.