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Why Republicans Should Respond to Kanye

Because, many African Americans are conservative – yes, it’s true – and Kanye offers the GOP a chance to broadcast the message that conservative policies help everyone:

From a piece I have running right now on the Washington Examiner:

Kanye’s journey to the GOP is frighteningly lonely, given the worlds he comes from — black America and the arts community. Most Republicans, habituated to ceding the black vote and black problems to the Democrats, don’t seem to care that West is reaching out. Trump, derided as racist, rarely fails to mention the declining black unemployment rate, meets with black leaders to talk about prison reform and other issues, and cares — maybe personally, maybe politically, or maybe both — about West’s message that it’s time for blacks to return to the Republican Party. “Actually, blacks weren’t always Democrats,” he noted on “SNL.”

There is plenty of room for Republicans to make gains among black voters, if only they would try.

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5 Responses to Why Republicans Should Respond to Kanye

  1. Reach out, how – with better, bigger freebies than the Dems offer or promises of lighter prison sentences?
    We pay for early schooling, make access to higher learning easy, open up job markets, and have a set of laws that prevent racial profiling everywhere.

  2. The Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill have no intention of “reaching out” to Blacks. They want President Trump to fail, and they don’t care what it costs them. Their owners will pay them either way.

  3. Kanye should join the Walk away group. Not all are republicans, most are democrats who disenchanted some are liberals some don’t really have a party. He would be welcomed.