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Of Course the Kavanaugh Protestors Were a Mob

There’s now a debate raging about whether the protestors racing around Capitol Hill and confronting senators during the debate over Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination constituted a mob.

Here’s my definition of a mob. When groups of people are chasing individuals down and threatening them and interfering with their ability to go about their business, it’s a mob.

So that was a mob.

Threats against Republican senators grew sharply during the Kavanaugh debate. Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife were chased our of a restaurant by protestors. Sen. Jeff Flake was physically prevented from using the elevator.

Republicans met behind closed doors last Tuesday to figure out ways to deal with the threats.

According to the Daily Wire:

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) and other members of the GOP’s Senate coalition reportedly met behind closed doors Tuesday to discuss how to handle threats to their families, staffs, and offices.

“There’s a lot of unprecedented activity taking place,” Corker told senators at the meeting . . .

While threats against senators have become a routine occurrence in the Trump administration, some members of Congress say the behavior has become shocking and even dangerous over the last several weeks . . .

Here’s an exchange last night in which CNN host Don Lemon got into it with conservative Matt Lewis over what’s a mob and what’s not. While conservatives are mocking Lemon, I have to admit that, while I like Matt Lewis a lot, he was a little rude here. But he was also right.

Conservatives don’t act like a mob. And I’m sorry, but Nazis and white supremacists are not conservatives. They’re Nazis and white supremacists.

Emblematic of the physicial mob was the abandonment by Democrats of the principle that you are innocent until proven guilty. Talk about a mob mentality.

These people who were on Capitol Hill were the equivalent of the Tea Party, which didn’t harass people in this manner. We’re at the point where you’ve gotta think Susan Collins had some of her larger male staffers – or even professional security – with her after she announced she would support Kavanaugh.

These were professional, highly trained agitators who were willing to use physical intimidation to get their way. Mob tactics.

It’s not like they were just some gang of old ladies.

18 Responses to Of Course the Kavanaugh Protestors Were a Mob

  1. Don’t underestimate a gang of old ladies.
    Had the committee room and Senate gallery been filled with silent, staring ‘old ladies’, even the hardest of men would start sweating fear.

    OK. Mob. Of course the anti-Kavanaugh screamers were a mob acting as one toward one goal with intimidation and physical presence.
    More than two years of anti-Trump, anti-Rebub, anti-anyone not toeing the liberal line has been subject to jeering, public intimidation, physical harm, and private threats to their families.
    Shunning of life-long friends or family, forcing employees to either submit or be dismissed, and an on-going organized effort by the MSM, social medium, and others to silence anyone who is not “with them” is a new phenom in America.

    No one has seen or experienced such a concerted effort to eliminate all political opposition, all voices/opinions in the recent past. This is new and direct mob violence.
    Before Obama, political support was likened to a sports team rivalry- our team vs yours- and was put aside after the election.
    This new attitude is war, and will only be won when the opponents of the liberal voices are destroyed- lost jobs, lost families, even jail time – all over what is and has always been a temporary position of power in our government.

  2. This “when is a mob not a mob” re-education effort of the fanatic Leftists demonstrates how fully engaged they are in Newspeak, the Orwellian language in “1984”. It’s central to their efforts to transform us into a totalitarian state. We see it everyday in their speeches, their approved definitions, their argumentation and their propaganda. The corporate press enables this effort in thought control and controlling the self expression of the citizenry.

    Here’s a decent primer on Newspeak which explains what’s going on in our current political discussions. We know what’s going on. It will all seem familiar to what we are now subjected to as you read through the explanation.

  3. Saw a female anchor yesterday on CNN expressing similar outrage at use of the word…they must have all gotten their marching orders from the Word Police.

    • It’s amazing, isn’t it, how they all spew their BS from the same scripts. One wonders who writes their vile remarks. Could it be the same person or faction who has the signs used by the mob professionally produced, and pays protesters to riot?

  4. “Here’s my definition of a mob. When groups of people are chasing individuals down and threatening them and interfering with their ability to go about their business, it’s a mob.”
    I “borrowed” that Mr. K and used it in discussions with a few friends and family members who insist it was merely protests.

  5. I believe the conservatives, moderates, etc. need to not be “so nice”. I listened to the atty on F0X some, DiGenova, (impressed with him) and he said we tolerate way too much.

  6. I agree with Savage, Don Lemon is dumbest man on TV.The only time the Left cites the Constitution is when they want to ignore laws.

  7. The above comments comprise an accurate analysis of the disrealitors who have created the War Between the States of Mind. Again, until the known financiers, surviving radicals of 1960s & 70s in academedia, their middle-aged children & grandchildren ‘activists’ & illegal enemy agents who are paid to abort the American State of Tradition are sued or arrested for their crimes of stalking, vandalism, inciting violence, false accusations, obstructing justice, withholding evidence, perjury, rape, murder,etc., the beat will go on & on. If these arrests were actually carried out, the National Guard would have to occupy much of the country until the dimentia of the left could no longer exist- let alone ‘resist’.

  8. …but the term “mob” has such real world implications…
    Maybe the talking heads think that a mob must be organic as opposed to being paid and organized…

  9. They crowded hallways in office buildings, obstructing exits in case of fire. They are guilty of trespass as well as deserving of the moniker, “Mob.”