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Nikki Haley Resigns as Trump’s UN Ambassador

Nikki Haley has resigned as President Trumps’s ambassador to the United Nations. She and Trump held a collegial meeting with the press pool at 10:30 am Tuesday.

Haley has been at the UN since the beginning of the Trump administration. Her departure now¬†of one of the most powerful women in his administration now would not seem propitious, coming just weeks before the midterm elections in which women’s issues will be paramount.

The separation appears to be amicable. Trump in the Oval Office told reporters that Haley has been “very special to me,” and said that she had mentioned wanting to “take a break” at least some six months ago. She will leave at the end of the year.

Haley said her time at the UN was the “Honor of a lifetime.”

She said she can’t say enough good things about Ivanka and Jared. She said she will support President Trump in 2020 but was not specific about what her plans are.

Trump suggested he had not decided on a replacement.

I’m speculating, but it occurs to me that since the departure of Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has developed an extraordinarily close relationship with Trump and assumed massive power. It could be that with the weaker Tillerson gone, Haley’s influence has waned.

Haley suggested she is tired and that it’s someone else’s turn, that people shouldn’t spend too long in one post. I think the reasons being given for her departure are probably true. But I doubt they’re the whole story.

Here is video of Trump and Haley in the Oval Office Tuesday.

5 Responses to Nikki Haley Resigns as Trump’s UN Ambassador

  1. Haley has done a great job at the UN, which was a great follow up to the good she did in South Carolina. I was really impressed. Will be interesting to see what she does next.

    I do not consider her a good candidate for President, although she would make a good Senator.

    Keith, you even beat the Wikipedia editors! when I saw this in your email alert, came and read it here, then went and looked at her Wikipedia entry, it shill didn’t show her resignation. I think that is a first for a news scoop that I have seen in a long time! :-)

  2. Hate losing her, but maybe it really is as simple as bring tired. 8 years in public service. 1 kid in college and one about to start, could also be a go for the money in the private sector while she is very popular. Guess we will find out more, especially what she does after the new year.