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Hillary Says Civility Can Make a Comeback if Democrats Return to Power

She said this! She did.

Hillary Clinton thinks Democrats are about civility. Just a little more evidence that of the two major party candidates, it was the one with the pantsuits who was delusional, not the one with the orange circus peanut hairdo.

Anyway, here’s Hillary talking a lotta nonsense in Oxford, England.

You know, like these people.

Waaaaiiiit a second. I GET IT. Its backwards day! Everything you say today is backwards. Okay, now this makes sense.

BTW, Hill and Bill are headed out on tour. According to the Daily Wire:

Get ready! Washington power couple, Bill and Hillary Clinton, announced Monday that they’re embarking on a nationwide “stadium tour,” bringing their stage show to 13 cities this fall.

“An Evening with President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton” will feature the pair sharing “stories and inspiring anecdotes that shaped their historic careers in public service, while also discussing issues of the day and looking toward the future,” a publicity statement read.

The tour, sponsored by Live Nation (which is also hosting a stadium tour for former First Lady Michelle Obama), begins in Las Vegas on Sunday, November 18 — after the midterm elections — and criss-crosses the country, ending in Los Angeles next April . . .

Where the pair are more in demand, like Boston, seats start at $120 and can cost as much as $745.50.

It’s not just a great show. It’s a worthy cause. She’s still healing from 2016, and bottles of good chardonnay start at $120. And I mean, it was just a few short years ago they left the White House broke.

Carefull backstage groupies! Although, Hillary won’t let him out of her site, so maybe, no worries.

I guess they’ll talk about the good ‘ole days throwing lamps at each other and covering up Bill’s indiscretions. Maybe Bubba will even whip out his saxophone.

Oh Jeez, you’ve got such dirty minds. I mean his instrument.

Oh for goodness sake, someone get me out this.

14 thoughts on “Hillary Says Civility Can Make a Comeback if Democrats Return to Power”

  1. Which party was civil at the Kavanaugh hearing? At first Grassly leaned over backwards to make sure everyone was heard. Later he showed some fire but still was civil.

  2. $754? Where’s that commie Ocasio-Cortez screaming about “income inequality.” And why are they charging for seats anyway? They should be free! Aren’t the Dems the party of the “little gu;y?” The EEEEEVIL Republicans are the “party of the rich” dontcha know.

  3. This advice about civility coming from one of the most uncivil, corrupt politicians in the history of the United States? From a person who tried for years to destroy the lives of women who were sexually attacked by her husband? This from a woman who lied about Benghazi and committed perjury under oath? This from a politician who described all those who don’t share her political views deplorable? This from a politicians who destroyed evidence on her computer server and violated the Espionage Act? This from a politician who stole money intended to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti?

    Here’s a long list of Hillary’s uncivil behavior. Does she not know her own life story? We certainly do.

  4. The Clinton Crime Family’s continued public diatribe is firm evidence that they have absolutely no remorse over their thieving careers of schuking America, and the world for that matter. Dear God, I pray they will shut up and go to hell real soon. And $750 to hear her cough and give out with her insane laugh is just a bit more of their patent dishonesty.

  5. “Civility can make a comeback when democrats return to power.”

    Translation: You either give us control of everything or we’ll continue to disrupt, scream, and destroy.

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