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Video || Remembering Robert Bork

As the latest attempt to “Bork” a Republican Supreme Court nominee appears set to fail, I think it’s worth remembering a great man, Robert Bork, who was maligned and defamed by Democrats, led by Ted Kennedy, and denied a seat on the Court in 1987. He subsequently wrote about America’s cultural decline, which has continued to this day.

This is from a surprisingly fair-minded brief look at his life by PBS on the day of his death in 2012.

3 Responses to Video || Remembering Robert Bork

  1. Watching the late Ted Kennedy pontificate about all women having their rights being denied (by Justice Bork) makes my blood boil, even to this day. Ted was the expert on denying women their rights, just ask Mary Jo Kopechne. I’m sure all the women physically abused by Ted would agree with Mary Jo, but she’s unavailable for comment.