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Hey Sen. Daines: Forget Your Daughter’s Wedding, There’s a Country to Serve

Republican Sen. Steve Daines of Montana is a disgrace and should be ousted in a primary by someone who understands the meaning of service to the country.

According to the latest reports, Republicans leaders who had planned to vote Saturday on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme┬áCourt may hold the vote open until Sunday so Daines can attend his daughter’s wedding, which is also on Saturday.

The problem this creates is that it gives the Democrats another day to come up with some sensational claim against Kavanaugh, attack Jeff Flake in an elevator, or whatever.

Everyone understands your desire to attend your daughter’s wedding, Mr. Daines. But you took an oath to serve the country, accepting a very powerful, prominent, and certainly ego-flattering position. You OWE the country and the people of your state.

“My daughter’s wedding has been planned for months,” Daines whined CNN.

Let me ask you a question, sir. If one of our young servicemembers who lost a limb fighting overseas to protect you could get it back in exchange for not attending their daughter’s wedding, what do you think they would do? I think they make the exchange, and their daughter would understand.

But while brave young men and women sacrifice much more, you can’t sacrifice this.

What a shameful moment. Cancel the wedding if you have to. If he loves her, he’ll marry her in a couple of months. Sorry, I know it’s an inconvenience.

11 Responses to Hey Sen. Daines: Forget Your Daughter’s Wedding, There’s a Country to Serve

  1. I agree either hold the wedding in the evening or on Sunday. If people really want to attend postponing a few hours should not make a difference. Yes, I get that it’s his daughter, but this is a major vote and he took an oath to represent his state. There was no clause to get out of it to attend his daughter’s wedding.

  2. What the f&%(# is wrong with you? If it comes down to it, they can vote next week! It is the guy’s daughter for goodness sake! Your analogy is moronic!

  3. Obviously, the guy didn’t run for the Senate to serve his country; he ran mainly so he could sidle up to people at weddings and say, “Hey, I’m a US senator!”

    Anyway, Murky Murkowski says she will vote “Present,” tomorrow, so as not to tilt the vote in the Dems’ direction because of Daine’s absence.

  4. Totally agree! Daines is a US Senator with a sacred obligation to serve his country at a crucial time. He seems to think he’s like some major league ballplayer who can tell the manager screw the World Series, this is my daughter (in which case I might agree with him). For pity’s sake Montana, get rid of this guy.

  5. I agree Keith; We’re talking about a lifelong appointment to the court and we conservatives have sweated through a horror show to get to the confirmation.
    This is more important than a wedding.

  6. Not often I disagree…he’s doing the right thing. He found a way to be there if absolutely needed…then they found a work around that gets the desired result.
    Let’s hope he enjoys his daughters wedding…

    Now if Flake pulls a stunt…I don’t trust that bastard….