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Video || How Justice Thomas Handled the Anita Hill Allegation

Here is Justice Clarence Thomas commenting in 2007 on the Anita Hill sexual harassment charges against him and some video of his response to the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991.

I have to say, while I can understand, assuming he is innocent, Kavanaugh’s outrage and anger, Justice Thomas expressed the same intensity but with a lot more dignity.

8 Responses to Video || How Justice Thomas Handled the Anita Hill Allegation

  1. Regarding Thomas having “a lot more” dignity, keep in mind there was no social media back then, no 24/7 cable news like today (CNN existed, but Fox and MSNBC did not), and the Dems hadn’t been overtaken by their far left lunatic fringe, hell bent on destroying anyone who doesn’t conform to their ideology.

    Considering all that he’s up against, I feel Judge Kavanaugh has handled himself just fine.

    • Agree on this era of the “new media” and that Kavanaugh has held up amazingly well in spite of the astounding maniacal onslaught of political terrorism the Democrats of the fanatic Left launched on him and the collaboration of much of corporate media in this attack.

  2. If Judge Thomas faced today’s social media and the fake news media it would have been a different story. 24/7 bashing of a family is just beyond the pale. In many ways, BK made it possible for future generations to fight back allegations without substance by teaching everyone what “due process” truly means.

  3. Of course, all the media are now leading with the ‘he doesn’t have the temperament to be a judge.’

    It’s the orphan begging for leniency after killing his parents.

  4. As the attorney DiGenova, Washington, D.C. said in an interview, the media can only focus on one thing at a time. That would be Kavanaugh. They have thousands in media. Noticed no one followed FLOTUS to Africa.