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Video || Chuck Grassley Explodes at the Media: “Some of You Have Bias”

This is not typical of Sen. Chuck Grassley. “That’s a bias that none of you should be proud of,” he told reporters at a Capitol Hill briefing after detailing how journalists only wanted to interview protestors in his office who were anti-Kavanaugh as opposed to the ones that supported him.

I think President Trump, though he takes it too far, has opened up the way to calling out the obvious bias of the mainstream media. When even old Chuck Grassley gets in the act, you know Trump is having an effect.

2 Responses to Video || Chuck Grassley Explodes at the Media: “Some of You Have Bias”

  1. Sen Grasley was right. I think he has had enough. How was it that the Democratic Senators were able to walk to and from their office or to vote? Oh, wait I forgot conservative’s don’t throw tantrums.

  2. Trump was duly elected, and half the country did not like that, but the extremes they have gone to is tearing the country apart. The press is totally biased and one-sided, which IS a danger to our republic. I hated Obama being elected, and opposed his policies. In my opinion he was bad for the country. But I never screamed in anyone’s face or advocated attacks on Democrats. I participated in a Tea Party rally, which was very mild-mannered, completely the opposite of riotous demonstrations regarding Trump/Kavanaugh. I am disgusted with the left, who is responsible for tearing the country apart, and with the spying on Trump campaign, the left and OUR OWN GOVT. for the first time in US history, attempted a coup!!! And the press ignores it!! What can be more dangerous than that?