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Flake Flip Flop Was Partly Due to Ranting Protestors, He Admits

Amazing. A senator is prevented from using the elevator by ranting leftist protestors, and he decides to potentially change the course of U.S. history by insisting his vote on Brett Kavanaugh is contingent on appeasing Democrats – temporarily – with an week-long FBI investigation.

Here’s what he said Sunday on 60 Minutes during a buddy-interview with Democratic Sen. Chris Coons Delaware, who has gotten what he wants while giving Republicans nothing in return.

I don’t think anybody expected, you know, what happened on Friday to happen. And I can’t say that I did either. I just knew that we couldn’t move forward, that I couldn’t move forward without hitting the pause button. Because, what I was seeing, experiencing, in an elevator and watching it in committee and just thinking, this is ripping our country apart.

Snowflake. I’ll tell you what will rip the country apart, another week of this while the FBI investigates. And then if Kavanaugh goes down, conservatives will be infuriated beyone belief. They know Democrats don’t sabotage themselves because the get overcome with emotion.┬áThe divide will be worse.

Apparently the White House is trying not to criticize Flake because they’re worried he’ll get emotional again and do something worse.

If Kavanaugh goes down and the Senate turns Democratic, you will have Jeff Flake to thank for preventing the conservative-majority Supreme Court that voters chose when they elected Donald Trump.

10 Responses to Flake Flip Flop Was Partly Due to Ranting Protestors, He Admits

  1. What is it w/ Arizona? First McCain, now this guy?

    And before anyone says anything – I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for McCain and his service.

    His POLITICAL views and votes, especially after he lost the election are another matter.

    If I were the conspiracy type I would say he had a pact with Obama to deliberately run the worst campaign in 16 years and lose so the media would like him again.

    • He sees it because he’s delusional. Most anti-Trumpers still don’t get it…they think they’re going to save us when we come to our senses.

  2. Call him “Dander” Flake–, along with all of the followers of the Dems who are getting voters’ dander up. Snowflakes are pure, dandruff is not, so there must be a lot of dandruff flakes all over D.C. Obscuring the visibility!

  3. …and now a Soros backed group is taking credit for the confrontation…it was a set up…perhaps not even a genuine story…we’ll never know.
    The good news is that Sen Flake is on the fast track to the dust bin of history…