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The Suspicious, Sudden Decline in White House Dossier’s Google Traffic

Update: I want to note that the decline in traffic has continued to the present day.


One of the factors I sited when I asked for your donations to White House Dossier this week was the sudden drop in traffic to my website via Google search. Many of you have shown an interest in this.

As you are aware, Google and other social media have been accused of bias against conservative websites. I thought I’d share this graph with you from Google Analytics, which tracks website statistics. As you can see, over the summer, the hits to my website originating from Google searches dramatically declined. This is a problem for me, since as you can see from the chart, more than a quarter of my traffic from “all users” of the website resulted from searches on Google.

Notice that in early August 2018, very suddenly and over just a few days, and for no reason that I discern, my traffic from Google began to average about half of what it was.

I can’t say for sure that this is due to bias by Google against me. The way Google does business is complicated and opaque. But I would say it is suspicious.

Either way, it has harmed my earnings. If you are able to contribute to my limited-time fundraising drive, please donate here today. Your contribution to coverage of the White House by this conservative is very much appreciated.


28 Responses to The Suspicious, Sudden Decline in White House Dossier’s Google Traffic

  1. There’s solid evidence that Google is acting like Big Brother and is banning or censoring conservative sites, while favoring liberal sites. It’s been doing so for years, though they seemed to have ramped up their efforts recently.
    “The New Censorship
    How did Google become the internet’s censor and master manipulator, blocking access to millions of websites?”

    Lots of other articles on the topic, as well.

    Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt and his executive staff visited Obama hundreds of times, more than any other non-government persons. Google employees donated more than $1.6 million to Obama’s two White House campaigns. My guess is that Schmidt was sharing Google user data with Obama and others in the White House to help the Democrats win elections and create political messages to make Obama look good. And don’t forget, Google vice president Megan Smith left her job to become Obama’s chief technology officer.

    Anyway, here’s a pretty good Daily Mail article describing Google’s Big Brother role and how they are severely abusing the public’s trust.

    • Thanks for bringing all that up. As early as I think 2000, Google had to admit they had been blacklisting Pro-Life websites in favor of Abortion websites in many searches, including the most intuitive. Although they promised change, like all manipulators they continued to massage results to ensure their pet causes always had pride of place. Google used to brag about being able to force “change” through their tools and algorithms. Remember when their people claimed “responsibility” for the Arab Spring? Until winter came…

      • There really needs to be a serious Federal investigation of Google, its practices, its invasion of privacy, the use it makes of user data it collects, who it gives or sells that data to, what their operating practices are.

        I have an app that shows me what or who is trying to monitor my behavior–site I visit, etc. when I am online. There are two Google snoopers on this very site, for example; 1. Google-analytics and Google Syndication. On other sites I’ve counted up to 9 different Google snooper type programs watching me on line. I can block them all, and I do. They are everywhere, and need to be stopped.

  2. VERY Suspicious. With the current political environment, you should be getting more visitors than ever before!! Personally, I stopped using Google search for exactly this reason — I DO NOT trust them to be forth right and honest. I use DuckDuckGo. Getting ready to get drop gmail too — after 12 years.

  3. Donated. Thanks for all your hard work, Keith. We all appreciate you. Hang in there.

    I use Duck Duck Go almost exclusively but I never came through Google (I have you linked on the sidebar at my blog). Now that you are on Facebook, I share your posts there.

      • It took me a little while to get used to DDG. It doesn’t have as big a db as Google but I’ve come to realize it is a cleaner db so I am not missing anything I want. If I don’t get results for one of my obscure searches I can type Google in the the search bar to get there to make that one, then come back to DDG.

        DDG has just instituted an annoying delimiter so I have to click “more” if I want things that aren’t in the top 25, but that isn’t hard to do :-)

      • I just started using it after the comments here. The only thing I don’t like, or understand, is that they insist that Netflix is not secure, so I have to go to Google to get to Netflix.

    • You can also use Start Page. It pulls in Google search results, but completely shields Google from tracking you individually. There are browser addons for Firefox and Chrome that block Google and Facebook tracking. Also ad blockers like AdBlockPlus, uBlock Origin, Ghostery and more.

    • What Tina & Marcus said about DuckDuckGo!

      Me, for a few years now I have used DuckDuckGo exclusively. NEVER! Gaggle – Which explains my difficulty commenting on a “Booger” site (Another Gaggle subsidiary)

      I don’t say “Screw Google” as some do, I merely say “Duck it!”

  4. What the internet giants are doing is outrageous, and flies in the face of everyone’s right to free speech.
    Conservatives don’t want to silence the hard left or opponents of what we believe.
    We’re long past the point of believeing anything said on the MSM channels.
    Saying all this – Google is a private enterprise and has every right to govern or choose what to allow and how to present it.
    I don’t want any government oversight on anything on the internet.
    Forget Google, Facebook, utube, et al. Let us know where the conservative blog are or we will just find you.

  5. What we need to do is compare everyone’s graphs. I have a sneaky suspicion they will line up in a most curious way. This information should be sent to the GOP Committee working on bias on the internet. Screen shots tell the story. Its happened in the most severe ways to conservative & Trump supporting FB groups like one I manage & Google searches (or any search) pull up only left wing hateful stuff. Its SERIOUS too. In fact recently there’s been a rash of incidents where FB ‘restricts’ people (curiously, those from popular conservative pages, groups etc) saying they think you’re a BOT even though there is no reason to think that. It happened to me. I have a screen shot. They didn’t even TELL me. I just found out by accident. Its real bad out here. I just pray everyone realizes what’s going on and does the footwork needed to find you and others and VOTES RED in November.

  6. I wouldn’t call your site conservative, Keith. I would call it reasonable and with a variety of positions on the issues, but I guess unless one is a resist Prog these days, one is considered a conservative by the MSM. I wish I could contribute to your fund, but I didn’t have much to give and I gave it to other causes before yours came on the radar. I am sorry for that.

  7. Have you considered the possibility that folks might be losing interest in this blog? Perhaps the quality of the articles are not the same as before? Or there are other(better/newer?) blogs that are stealing viewers?

    Other conservative outlets are doing extremely well. They are adapting and so can you.

    While it is easy to blame others, sometimes the fault might lie with ourselves.

    I wish you well.

    • The tolerable aspect of this blog is its lack of ‘adaptation’. It is a wonder to me when policy, procedures, settings & people don’t change! Instead of 1000’s of conversational snippets that bore me to tears, commenters here make an effort to develop their thoughts to make sense out of audio, visual & print imagery that is somehow ‘in control’ – for wrong &/or for right. K.K’s quoted articles within his articles provide the prompts. His humor is decent. Money contributions from me are sent through the old-fashion USPS, so I remain a free-loader.. P.S.- It’s nice not having to subscribe…

  8. I still visit, but far less frequently. My trust in this site as a reliable source of views different to my own has been lost.

    It seems dissenting comments are either culled, or if not, the comment is attacked at a level of vicious I don’t see anywhere else. I write this specifically recalling a response to one of my comments this past summer where someone called me the c word and told me to kill myself. Nothing I wrote was even 1% of the scale of troll as that one. Yet, this response remained, and it is probably still there.

    I appreciate the schedule, but I gave up.

  9. It’s my fault Keith & I apologize :)
    Actually, I hate those nerds in Silicon Valley & I wouldn’t trust them on anything – their power & knowledge of users’ personal info is frightening.
    And we know that liberals think anything is OK behavior if it advances “The Cause.”