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Judiciary Panel Approves Kavanaugh but Flake, Murkowski Cave to the Mob

The Senate Judiciary Committee recommended along party lines that Judge Brett Kavanaugh be confirmed to serve on the Supreme Court, but Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., who has been targeted by leftist protestors and his own indecisiveness, said his vote is conditioned on a week-long FBI investigation. Meantime, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, also called for a week of FBI probing.

That means this thing will probably have to be delayed.

Let me tell you, senators, how that plays out. While the FBI is doing an “investigation,” which will inevitably change nothing since they’ll mainly be asking people questions who have already been questioned, Democrats will be busy bees. They’ll dig up anyone who can say anything negative at all about Kavanaugh. They will demand additional FBI investigations of other complaints. They will complain that the FBI investigation is not “thorough.”

In short, they will throw as much excrement on the wall as they can find to make it look too unattractive for Flake, Susan Collins, or Lisa Murkowski to vote yes.

This is not an investigation. I had argued several days ago to do an FBI probe, just get it done. But now things have gone on too long, and it’s too clear what’s going on. The FBI investigation is a tool to be used – we may not even know exactly how – to sink this nomination.

A charge that has nothing to support it has been leveled. It’s been talked about, witnesses have been interviewed, and the accuser and accused have testified. This doesn’t need another week.

Flake and Murkowski are suckers who have stumbled into the Democrats’ trap. I say call a vote anyway. Let’s see if Flake wants to singlehandedly prevent a conservative majority on the court.


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  1. I voted for Flake. I had his campaign sign in my yard. A Dem yard.
    What a disappointment, to say the least.
    What is wrong with this guy, what happened to him?.

  2. If Kavanaugh had done this once then he would have done this several times. A serial abuser like Bill Cosby. He is no Bill Cosby.

    Flake thinks he is presidential material. I think not.

    Srdem65, don’t feel bad I voted for John McCain. Or more like a protest vote against Obama.

  3. Yup…just another delay. More time for the Dems/MSM to pile on, more time for other “victims” to be unearthed/financed, and more time for his compelling testimony yesterday to fade.

  4. This is way off topic but I wanted to share something feel good. Vanna White’s grandmother just turned 112. She is the 11th oldest person in the US and the oldest in South Carolina,

    • Fake can say hi to McCain when he sees him. He must have been intimidated by the woman in the elevator, who said she was a #MeToo victim (I would have asked her to prove it), the man has all the backbone of a cooked noodle.

  5. Flake is a true blue idiot. Can’t get reelected, bends over for the Dems who would stick it in him the first chance they get. I guess he thinks he needs friends. As for the Dems, they act so self righteous, yet they held up Ted Kennedy for decades as the lion of the Senate. As far as I remembered, he was a drunk, a womanizer, and a murderer. Can’t get much lower than that. Yet Judge Kavanaugh is the worst thing ever. That is, till the next worst thing ever. Garbage.

    • F(l)ake was just doing the duty of his fellow Arizonan, McStain, sticking it to the American people and to Judge Kavanaugh. You’re correct in saying there will be the next worse thing, and of course the Dems will find dirt on that person as well. It’s not enough that they’ve dragged the Kavanaugh Family through Hell with unfounded accusations of every evil under the sun, but there is the very likely possibility he will never get the confirmation. The Democrats have destroyed too many innocent people, with lies, it’s time to destroy the Democrat Party. They are the ones who need to be investigated. Pray For Judge Kavanaugh.

  6. And now the Democrats, who take enormous joy in screwing up everything they touch, have made FBI background checks a political tool to destroy their enemies. And the D’s will demand the FBI come back with a report that destroys Kavanaugh, no matter how many more background checks they have to conduct on him. If it takes 5 more, 10 more, 20 more background checks on Kavanaugh that’s what they will demand. The longer it takes, the happier they are.

    I suspect all the fanatic, extremist PACs and other anti-American organizations who have bought the souls of these Democrats are very happy with their purchases.

  7. The key will be whether Kavanaugh, Judge and PJ can explain to the FBI’s and the wavering senators’ satisfaction what happened at Timmy’s on July 1, 1982. That is the date the Washington Post and others have zeroed in on in the calendars. (See Bump’s reporting.) If the layout of Timmy’s house resembles the layout of the house Ford described, that will add to her ‘credibility’ as will the fact that three of the people she names are confirmed in Kavanaugh’s own calendar as having been there on that date. It’s not ‘dispositive’–but it may be enough to prompt the waverers to vote no. Plus Kavanaugh will be pressed on how he could be good friends with someone but not know who the friend was dating (Ford). His own prodigious memory will be used against him. It’s going to be a very long week.

    • You cannot take her word for it just because she might know how the floor plan is laid out, it is possible she has been there before. Wouldn’t want to jump the shark, besides all the people she claimed were there, signed statements that they weren’t, including her best friend.

  8. Maine media is now reporting that there is a mob right now in front of Susan Collin’s Portland office demanding and screaming that she MUST NOT support Kavanaugh. The usual questions: 1. Who organized this? 2. Who’s paying for this mob? 3. Who decides what words to scream and put on signs? 4. Who alerted the media? 5. How will the media handle the story?

      • “In republican democracies, public sentiment is everything. With it nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.” (Abraham Lincoln). Presumably Kavanaugh’s supporters will get an extra week to unleash their fury as well. Shame on them if they don’t follow his example yesterday.

        • I just don’t know what the most effective tactic would be right now for Kavanaugh’s supporters. No matter what they decide or actions they take, the corporate media and loud mouth Leftists will use it to continue to destroy Kavanaugh. But they have to do something, that’s for sure. An FBI investigation of who and what the protestors are, including funding sources, backroom strategy sessions and affiliations, leadership identification, etc. But that all takes a lot of coordination and discipline and Republican leadership aren’t good at that. Something has to be to stop this circus, that’s for sure.

  9. I’ve hit my boiling point, friends and neighbors.

    Just what the living HELL does Flake hope to accomplish with this? Who will he convince to do anything differently?

    He won’t convince any Democrats to vote yes on Kavanaugh.

    But after McCain’s little slip of the wrist, he’s certainly going to do a bang-up job convincing the residents of forty-nine other states that everyone in Arizona is a double-dealing, backstabbing, two-faced, weak-kneed, cowardly bastard who couldn’t do the right thing in the presence of God Almighty.

    So, congratulations, Jeff Flake! You’ve just made “Don’t trust anyone from Arizona” the new “Don’t trust anyone over thirty.”

  10. The conservatives have become wimps. You can’t make nice with the left. Nice guys finish last. That so called comment from the prez is someone else’s words. The atty DiGenova, who the president wanted, but had a conflict of interest and got Rudy G, is on Lou Dobbs a lot and he said what I posted. Wimps. While the left is fearless.

  11. Kavanaugh is done for. Two of these RINOs: Flake, Corker, Collins, and Murkowski will flip and vote w/ the Dhimmicraps. Probably Flake and Corker since they are both retiring and they hate Trump and the people who put him in the White House. They are the elitists of the Republican Party who look down their noses at the base. As I’ve said before, it’s easy for the party to get new elites than for elites to get a new party base.

  12. I suspect Collins will vote no, ultimately. She’s my Senator, so I watch her pretty closely.

    She’s created yet another mess for herself and has again trapped herself between her lefty and pro-abortion supporters (votes and fund raising) and her pretending to be a Republican. Right now she’s playing the “We need more documents” and “We have to delay the appointment” game, which is typical of her.

    Ultimately she will sigh and frown, rub her hands nervously before the TV cameras and declare, “I can’t support Judge Kavanaugh”. Maine media (they are extremely far lefties) will then declare Collins is a “hero” for bucking Trump’s nomination, probably give her some sort of Lucite award
    and hail her for saving the day.

    If I may paraphrase Shakespeare:

    Susan Collins is but a walking shadow, a poor player
    That struts and frets her hour upon the stage
    And then is heard no more. It is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
    Signifying nothing.

  13. Feinstein was chair of the Ethics panel that investigated Murkowski for buying land below market in Alaska from someone she could benefit. Feinstein cornered her in the basement this week and the pics were all over Twitter

    Murkowski also famously said in 2011-12 that her staff member was innocent until proven guilty (he went to jail). No one is talking about her hypocrisy