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One Cannot Possibly Oppose Kavanaugh as a Result of Blasey Ford’s Allegation

Republicans have decided to move ahead expeditiously with the Kavanaugh nomination, apparently fully understanding that Democrats are not interested in justice, but delay. It could be on the floor as early as this weekend.

I often think that Republicans are like innocents in the face of the raw, ruthless political machinations of the Alinskyite Democrats. But not today. They’re showing some spine and some savvy.

There is no reason to conduct an FBI investigation, either as a practical or a strategic matter. Much of what the FBI would do is ask questions of the witnesses, which has already been done, and then report the answers to the Senate. And if you allow an FBI investigation, the Democrats will find someone who is certain Kavanaugh cheated at Clue in the Seventh Grade. And they will ask for FBI investigations of the charges that are already out there, since why just investigate Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation?

There is no way any reasonable person who is not drunk with ideology or politically motivated can oppose Kavanaugh over the charges by Ford. The event occurred 35 years ago, she told no one for decades, there are no witnesses to confirm it – and three named by her who deny it happened – and she has forgotten many details, including where it occurred.

I’m not saying nothing happened to her, or at least that she doesn’t believe something happened to her, although the possibility she is making it up, at least with respect to Kavanaugh, can’t be ruled out. And I’m not even saying Kavanaugh didn’t do something, though I sincerely doubt it. After the type of denial he gave, he’s either innocent or he’s a psychopath, and I don’t think he’s a psychopath. We just can’t possibly know what happened. That Democrats and others insist they believe Ford and charge that not believing her makes you anti-woman just demonstrates that our society may be disintegrating.

You cannot ruin a person and his family, let alone deny them a seat on the Supreme Court, because someone levels a completely unsubstantiated charge and sounds sincere about it.

It’s enough. Democrats merely want to delay the vote. Feinstein could have had this further investigated these charges in a private manner weeks ago. Instead, it’s sprung on everyone at the last minute.

This nomination should be on the Senate floor Saturday. And then let the Democrats and their allies in the press whine about it on the Sunday shows. I don’t usually tune in to those, but I will to see that.


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7 Responses to One Cannot Possibly Oppose Kavanaugh as a Result of Blasey Ford’s Allegation

  1. I did not watch the circus, only read transcripts, and it seems to me that Ford has some difficulty with the truth and/or her memory on many issues other than the alleged assault (such as the fear of flying conundrum, misremembering or misunderstanding that the Senators were willing to interview her in California, the extent and timing of her recent lie detector test, as a few examples) which makes her testimony suspect at the very least. You can’t destroy someone’s reputation and career on such vagueness.

  2. The Supreme Court term starts Monday, 1 October. If Judge Kavanaugh is not confirmed and sworn in by then, he will NOT be seated for this term.

    Any bets on what the Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill are about to do???

    • That’s a very important point, and explains why the extremist Democrat fanatics want a delay, and yet another “FBI investigation”, making it the seventh such investigation of Kavanaugh, and why they want this process to extend ad infinitum.

      To quote an old saying, “There are two things people should never see: 1. How sausage is made and, 2. How political decisions are made.”

      I would disagree with point 2: We, the citizenry, should see how every single political decision is made. That would be a REAL class in civics.

  3. #Feinstein

    She obstructed Justice by sitting on letter, brought shame to committee, caused open hearings when none were needed…..deepened rift in US. “Have you no decency?”
    Resign, resign resign!