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White House Dossier Needs Your Help

NOTE: I will leave this post at the top for a bit. New articles will appear below it. This fundraiser ends Thursday night so please, if you are able to, donate today.


Would you be willing to donate to help me continue writing White House Dossier and Cut to the News?

Readership is strong. But I’ll be honest with you. The website and the newsletter make very little money. Advertising brings in just a small amount, which is why many conservative websites solicit donations or have a single wealthy sponsor. I do not have a major benefactor. I just have you and whatever support you can provide.

White House Dossier and Cut to the News provide vital balance to the extremely biased anti-Trump, anti-conservative coverage that’s out there. I am proud of these publications, and I work hard to be informative, insightful, useful, and even entertaining.

I’ve taken some hits. Traffic from Facebook is down, as it is for all news sites. Traffic coming from Google searches suddenly, in literally one or two days, declined by about 50 percent. There is talk, of course, that Google has targeted conservative sites. Maybe this has happened to White House Dossier.

I am seeking to raise $5,000. Will you help? If just 200 readers donated $25, we’d be there. We can do this!

How about this? If we reach the $5,000 goal, I will give away to 20 randomly selected donors signed copies of my book, “Bannon: Always the Rebel,” which is based on ten hours of interviews with Stephen Bannon.

So it’s a lottery, but with 20 books to give away, you’re practically a lock! Okay, I shouldn’t raise expectations, but the odds ain’t bad as lotteries go. And when I become extremely famous – uh, it could happen, maybe – that signature will sell for gold!

Seriously, thank you very much for whatever help you can provide. I am deeply appreciative. Please share this with friends by email and on social media if you feel inclined to do so.

Just click on this link now to donate today!


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50 Responses to White House Dossier Needs Your Help

  1. Come on now. We’re at $2921. Let’s put the fund over the top. We can do this. Keith works his butt off for us, lets us post what we want, lets us interact, writes great articles. If you’re still hesitating, don’t hesitate anymore. Do this. ;+}.

  2. It is rare to encounter someone with press clout that shares my views so consistently on politics, people, and responsibility. I would be foolish to not support and encourage this. Keith, you have my support.

    • Thank you, and that’s very nice to hear. I am so glad to know that you believe I so often reflect your views. Maybe part of the reason is that I listen to and learn from my readers. I mean it.

  3. Please post when you have reached your goal–which by any standard is modest!
    Not only are your viewpoints aligned with my own, they are unimpeachable! Write/right on.

  4. Dear Keith – for next time – I don’t do FB or Pay Pal, could there be a simple MasterCard way to donate or an address for a check? Frustrating to want to help, but can’t.

    If you can recycle wine bottles, could raise some cash from that, but back to square one even if I did.

  5. Hey Keith, when your feeling down and low. Go back and look at the comments on the Go Fund me site. Your really appreciated more than you ever knew. Keep up the good work.

  6. As a conservative, it is disgusting that you need to ask for a handout.
    I used to check this site, but not anymore. The quality of articles had gone down a lot.
    Plus there are other(better) sites that I can check to glean the main purpose of this blog (see the President’s schedule)

    • Well, National Review is also holding its fundraising drive right now. I gather they don’t know much about conservatism.

      If the federal government tries to contribute, I promise to reject the offer.

      I’m sorry you no longer fund the site useful. I’m glad you have other options.