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Video || Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, is Officially the Most Annoying Person in Washington

I mean, this has got to be quite an honor for her. Because being annoying is something which Washington’s elite, who fail at so many things, truly excel at.

I mean, think of the competition she faces! Chuck Schumer. Nancy Pelosi. Cory Booker. Elizabeth Warren. Joe Biden. Okay, sometimes Newt Gingrich, but I agree with him and like him anyway.

Mazie Hirono is just getting started. She’s not just Rookie of the Year, but Most Valuable Player too when it comes to annoying. Truly a go-getter, self-starter, and high-achiever. Congratulations, Senator.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

10 thoughts on “Video || Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, is Officially the Most Annoying Person in Washington”

  1. It’s time for a new law pertaining to these crackpot politicians and fanatic lefty journalists who insist on peddling their political opinions and media stories to the citizens of the United States.

    This is how it would work. Each and every one of them would have to undergo a thorough FBI investigation before assuming their positions–Congress or the denizens of the media.

    That investigation would include: 1. A full account of all their sexual behavior from the age of 14 years old. 2. A thoroughly analysis of the past 30 years of their financial assets–including ALL off shore accounts–income, gifts (including sexual “gifts”), paid for vacations, expenses, bribes and unusual financial activity. 3. An interview with every single person the person ever knew, talked to, worked with or otherwise consorted with for the past 30 years. 4. Hostile Congressional hearings for all these people. 5. Monthly lie detector examinations with the results publicly shared. 6. Monthly urine analysis to check for drugs. A thoroughly analysis of which web sites they frequent and how often, and publication of the results.7.Publication of all their emails.

    That should eliminate 90 percent of them.

    1. How many of these 535 idiots, morons, criminals & scumbags in the US Congress (Dem & Rep,Senate & House) even pass a basic “US Citizenship Test”…?

  2. Mazie and Maxine are possibly among the most stupid swamp critters the Democrat party has to offer. The only thing greater in sheer stupidity, are their voters!

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