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Video || Trump: Democrats are “Con Artists” Playing a Kavanaugh “Con Game”

9 Responses to Video || Trump: Democrats are “Con Artists” Playing a Kavanaugh “Con Game”

  1. He’s too kind.
    Dirty tricks, character assignation by innuendo, a public execution of a man’s public and private life…
    Some profane phrases come to mind, but this isn’t the place.

    • I have a friend who is a hardcore liberal and CNN worshiper; even he says that the way Democrats are defaming and attacking this man in an attempt to derail his nomination is just ridiculous…

  2. I keep telling my lovely wife this same story over and over… Democrats are Wiley E Coyote — getting some stupid item from ACME — this time ACME – Smear Cream — Reduces person to tears and makes them look horrible… And in this application the Democrats have the container fall on top of them instead of Trump (road runner) and now in the end YET AGAIN Trump will win and the Democrats will look worse.

    The Resist and obstruction stuff will be hanging on the Democrats when election time comes…. and the decent people of the country will see RED and vote R (which may also mean RINO) and dems will not get the senate or house.

    Trump wins — we win – MAGA

  3. I have a hunch that Ms Christine Blassey Ford will be a no-show. She is afraid to fly. Lives in CA. but interned for a number of years in Hawaii. She was either on her college rowing team or is one hellava swimmer.

    • I’m guessing she won’t show up…she was being used as a stall tactic to force Cavanaugh to withdraw. Since that plan backfired, she’s now faced with perjuring herself.

  4. Now apparently she doesn’t know if she’s showing up on Thursday. Maybe she’s afraid of a perjury charge when she’s done lying through her teeth. She or her legal team can’t decide who they want to question her. Maybe she just wants to spree her lies and go back home. What a joke.