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Republicans Must Fight for Kavanaugh to the End — or It Will Be the End of Them

I have a huge advantage over most Washington area-based journalists.

My readers are largely from among the Republican Party’s conservative base, and I communicate with them all the time and read their comments on this website. And I take what they say very seriously. Because of them, and not because of any stroke of genius on my part, I predicted in the summer of 2015 that Donald Trump was a serious candidate for president and a force to be reckoned with. I was ridiculed by others in Washington for doing it.

My point is, I often understand very well what conservatives outside the Beltway are thinking. And I can say unequivocally that if Republican politicians refuse at this point to go to the mat for Brett Kavanaugh – who faces two unsupported accusations of sexual misconduct supposedly committed three and a half decades ago – conservatives will stay home on Election Day and the GOP will be wiped out.

The problem for Republicans in this election cycle is that the left is fully motivated. Its hatred for President Trump courses through the bloodstream of its adherents and acts as an adrenaline rush that will propel them to the polls in droves. But conservative enthusiasm picked up right as the first unsubstantiated charge against Kavanaugh seized the headlines. Now there’s a second.

Nothing is more important to conservatives than the Supreme Court. It’s a big part of the reason they put a Republican in the White House. They will not see this opportunity stolen from them by doubtful, unprovable charges lodged at the last minute that seem to many an attempt to delay a confirmation vote until after Election Day in the hope that Democrats will win the Senate.

One question I often hear among conservatives after Republicans have crumbled in the face of yet another onslaught by ruthless Democrats is, Why am I voting for Republicans? Not that they would vote for Democrats instead. They just won’t vote.

It’s as simple as going to the mechanic to get that noise fixed, and the noise never gets fixed. And then you finally say, Well, I’ll just live with it. The car seems to keep running anyway.

Republicans elected their representatives and senators to do a job. If they allow themselves to be slain by Spartacus of New Jersey and his cohort, Republicans are worthless in the view of many in the GOP base. It’s the answer to the “mystery” of why they chose Trump over a field of decent Republicans in 2016. Because people like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio would roll over and play dead when confronted with a herd of determined asses braying about social justice and evil, Racist, misogynist conservatives. I’m talking, of course, about the Democrat’s equine mascot, not trying to be pejorative. Of course not.

Trump fights. He doesn’t care about the arrows slung at him. Or perhaps more accurately, he does care, but he beckons them his way anyway. Because in the end, he loves a fight. He provokes them all day long. He gets pissed. That’s good.

If the usual suspects in the GOP Washington establishment flee from Spartacus, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Mazie Hirono, Dianne Feinstein, and the rest of the Bolsheviks doing whatever it takes to win, they will lose the Senate and find these people in charge instead as conservatives stay home. And the Democrats will run up huge margins in the House.

Because the question, Why am I voting for Republicans? will be answered: No particular reason at all.

25 Responses to Republicans Must Fight for Kavanaugh to the End — or It Will Be the End of Them

  1. Keith, you’re 100% correct. What President Trump understands, and many of our our so-called leaders in Washington do not, is that we are ALREADY engaged in a duel to the death with those on the left. Or to use a military term we have NO CHOICE but to seek total victory. Otherwise, we, the actual conservatives in this country will be wiped out, politically speaking. One more term of an Obama-like president, and we’re done. Heck, without Trump in the White House until 2020 and even beyond, we’re done. We MUST have conservative leaders who understand this. No more placating, no more compromising on issues such as Kavanaugh. He MUST be confirmed as a shot across the Democrats (progressives/socialists/whatever you want to call them) that WE WILL NOT GIVE IN. We will NEVER give in.

    • You STILL fail to understand that the vast majority of the GOP are Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill, and are every bit as opposed to President Trump as the Democrats. OF COURSE they are going to make sure Kavanaugh does not get confirmed. They will do everything they can to force him out of office, and are quite willing to lose their own seat in the legislature, because they know full well their Davos and Bilderberg owners will take care of them as long as they dance to the appropriate tune.

      • What would happen if today’s pretend sovereign nations pretended to be sovereign nations & issued arrest warrants to Soros & his legions of antiChrists who populate the rolls of countless occult war rooms for the crimes of producing, directing, screen playing & hiring idiot sell-outs to foment sedition, treason, sabotage, subversion, murders, etc within many nations to try & sentence them? Would the world’s economic web collapse to a stand-still? Is this what today’s felons against decency & order know & why they are untouchable? Just what would happen if good men actually DID something to overturn the moneychangers’ tables & whip the devils out of the temple of legitimate rulership? Would the world ‘as we know it’ come to an end? Is that not what we want?

  2. The Republicans are already close to done in my book…failing on repealing/replacing Obamacare, not funding the wall, and generally sitting on their hands not fully supporting the president and his policies…a Republican president!

    This would be the last straw, but them caving on this wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  3. The Rep Senate better stand with Kavanaugh or their goose is cooked. They will lose the Senate. The people I talk politics with are as pissed as I am over this comedy the Dems are pulling right now. You are absolutely correct Keith, very well written!

  4. Agree, you’re in a very unique political spot.
    All it takes is a fair view of what’s going on, and who’s doing it.
    Other journalists who might aim for a balanced readership just can’t stop themselves from the obligatory slam against MrTrump somewhere in their opinion piece.
    What we don’t have here, at WHD, is a serious liberal who can state their opinion without insults and profanity.
    The upcoming election could go any way – it’s traditional that the party in power loses seats, but we’re in something as non-traditional as snow in July.
    The feeling out here in fly-over: vote Repub and hope for the best- vote Dem and expect the worst.

  5. Mitch McConnell and Charles Grassly need to end this farce right now. Grassly should end the hearings and force a vote to send Kavanaugh’s nomination to the full Senate for a vote. Then McConnell should invoke the “nuclear option” to force a straight up or down vote on Kanaugh’s confirmation.

    But neither one of them have the stones to do this and will be wondering why they are the Senate MINORITY Leader and the RANKING member on the Judiciary Committee after Election Day 2018.

    And as for the “nuclear option” – Harry Reid used it to confirm judges Obama nominated.

  6. Grassley needs to stop this farce and force a vote in the Judiciary Committe to send Kavanaugh to the full Senate for a vote. And then McConnell needs to shut off debate and force a straight up or down vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

    But they won’t and they will wonder why they are the Minority Leader and Ranking Member after November.

  7. I called each of my two senators’ offices and asked the young ‘uns who answered the phones that I would like the senator to support Kavanaugh and what was the senator’s thinking.

    Tillis’s office said he will wait until after the hearings end on Thursday, and right now, they are focused on Hurricane Florence, which affected my state. I said, no kidding; I’m living it.

    Burr’s office said he has nothing to say beyond what he said in JULY when he said he would let the president know how he feels.

    Totally useless. At least TIllis’s office asked for my zip code. Burr’s — nothing.

  8. Excellent piece Keith.

    Trump is a fighter,…if someone throws a rock at him, he throws a Buick at them.
    That’s what it will take to defeat them, and defeat them we must.
    Pay no attention to the polls, keep your head down and vote enough republicans into congress to get things done.

  9. It’s all about the supreme Court. There’s everything to gain by voting now. Certainly not past Thursday. It’s the senators’chances to do the right thing. For a change. And get reelected to boot.
    I saw a meme today that showed a dark picture of president Trump in a chair, with the quote, “they aren’t coming for me, they’re coming for you. I’m in the way”
    Have some courage and vote that wonderful man in. Shame on you all for stalling.
    Conservatives are sick of the cowards. Why can’t they see that they lose everything by letting the Dems walk all over them.

  10. I will never, ever, in this life or the next, either vote for a Democrat or ever NOT vote. Too many people have sacrificed too much over the 250 years of this Nation for me to disrespect them by staying home. I vote in primaries because that’s where incumbents are chastised and new candidates chosen. I let my elected representatives know in no uncertain terms what I expect and what I think of their performance. But not voting? Staying home? No. Never. Ever.