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Michelle Obama Charging Up to $3,000 for Tickets to Her Book Tour

Is she going to be accompanied by Paul and Ringo?

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s message to her fans is Love me, do! – and show the love with greenbacks that will pad her earnings from her book “Becoming,” which won’t be released until November but which is already at #8 on Amazon.

Of course, this begs the obvious joke about whether the book should have been named “Becoming Rich,” but the Obamas are already wealthy based on her husband’s two autobiographies. Not to mention $3.2 million in presidential salary. But that’s peanuts.

Well, you know, the left is all about poor people. But that doesn’t mean they have to be coming to your book tour and everything. I mean, come on!

According to the Washington Post:

Tickets to hear Obama and as-yet-unnamed moderators discuss her upcoming memoir “Becoming” ranged from $29.50 for perches in the nosebleeds to $3,000 for front-row seats and a package that includes a “pre-show photo opportunity,” meet-and-greet reception with Obama, a signed book and other perks, including an “exclusive VIP gift item.”

Honestly, I spent eight years as a White House reporter listening to the Obamas’ platitudes. I would spend $3,000 NOT to meet with Michelle and to be permitted to sit as far away as possible.

Some members of the proletariat are wondering just what’s going on here, according to the Post:

With many fans snapping up cheap seats first, the big-ticket packages were some of the only seats left soon after the presale started. That didn’t sit well with some would-be attendees who complained about getting priced out. “I love Michelle Obama, I do,” a fan wrote on Twitter. “She is everything. But I am sorely disappointed in how expensive these book tour tickets are.”

“Michelle Obama is out here selling Beyoncé priced tickets and I was not prepared,” another wrote.

Yeah, well, tough, pay up.

I am also truly humbled by the response, by which I mean, I didn’t even get a book tour for my book. Hmmph.

Don’t worry, ten percent of the proceeds will go to local charities. Michelle is willing to put down a little CYA cash to preserve her left-wing bonafides.

How about 50 percent? Yeah, now we’re talking.

I don’t know. I guess this is a lot better than the money and influence funneling foundation the Clintons set up for themselves. There’s nothing corrupt about Michelle making a buck. I just want to remind her as she rakes in the cash: “You didn’t build that!”

I mean, there are roads to the arenas that she and her audience must take. Okay? Asphalt roads.

20 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Charging Up to $3,000 for Tickets to Her Book Tour”

  1. Oh, boy. There is something icky about all of it – just cringe-worthy.
    The photo she chose for the advert – really – she saying ‘I’m nekked under this white shirt’?
    The more money the O’s slip out of lefty’s hands, the less the left has to make havoc.

  2. PLEASE just go away! I can’t stand another moment of these 2 freeloaders!

    I only want to see these two MO and BHO is during their military tribunal.

    Treason = Hanging or firing squad. Good in all of Barry’s 57 states of Islame……

  3. My God! Who in their right mind would even pay $1 to see this ugly America hating Wookie? You would have to offer me a LOT of money to see her and even then I would have to think it over.

  4. Is the drop shoulder garment supposed to suggest a “come hither” look, or what? I am tired, tired, tired, of the Obama’s and their efforts to remain glamorous and relevant. They both have abused the people’s trust and their privilege to serve. IMHO

  5. Cool! Maybe she will take all her money and go hire a mercenary force and rescue all the Boko Haram girls?

    Think she will do that? Come on everyone knows she cares so much…..
    2 legs bad 4 legs better!

  6. Deplorable and a US Government trained terrorist that served 6 years in the NAVY most of it in Vietnam in country and at sea.

    About the only thing I can say, which has already been said many many times,is “A fool and his money are easily parted.”

    I do wonder however when my fellow citizens are going to take control of our Government and deal with charlatans like this?

    After all, We the People are the Government according to the Constitution, not people who are elected to represent or happen to be married to one that was elected to represent us.

  7. I, for one, don’t give a crap what people are willing to pay for a photo with Michelle or her signature in a book. If there are those willing to pay $3000, so be it. Who cares?
    I’m not one of them.

  8. It is the communist contradiction: Less is more/more is less. It is like a woman paying top dollar for dungarees & t- shirts full of holes (but well fitted, of course) at Lord & Taylor’s vs. purchasing a multi-thousand dollar mink coat at Goodwill for 100 bucks or less. Michelle Winnie Mandela Obama is the former case in point to which many Americans have been reduced. She, with Barack Nelson Mandela Obama, is the recycled trash of all 1st , 2nd & 3rd world revolutionists of the 20th/21st centuries for whom the powers of hell & ignorant Americans (& Euros in general) finance- pressed down, shaken together, & overflowing. The Tradionists are supported by the Creator Whose cost is the offense of being inhabited by His Son.

  9. Such a role model for her daughters, no? Not to mention her creepy husband. Where is Barry in all this? Running his mouth as usual…spewing nonsense and hatred.

  10. It would interesting to know who the actual author/ghostwriter of “Becoming” is. Oh, we’ll find out eventually, as we always do. Nothing wrong with a ghostwriter if it’s clear there IS a ghostwriter. But to try to convince us that Michelle Obama is the sole author of this book is insulting.

    As is painfully clear by her Senior Thesis at Princeton (“Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community”), her writing style is sophomoric, clumsy and riddled with grammatical errors, her thesis childish. She can’t “write” her way out of a paper bag. Check it out and see for yourself:

    She should be paying attendees $3,000 to attend this
    me-me-me- show.

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