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CNN’s Cuomo Bullies Kellyanne Conway, Who Threatens to Walk Off His Show

Have a look at this. CNN host Chris Cuomo repeatedly interrupts his “guest” Kellyanne Conway while she tries to make her arguments. He’s got a more voluble voice than her and is able to do it. If a male conservative host did this to a liberal woman, they’d be called sexist and accused of “mansplaining” to them, or something. But it’s okay for liberals to bully conservative women.

This is what passes now for journalism and free debate. Strong-arming by an obviously biased “news” host who won’t even let a conservative speak. I’m sure he was hoping she would walk off the set and make headlines to boost his ratings. Maybe that was the idea.

8 Responses to CNN’s Cuomo Bullies Kellyanne Conway, Who Threatens to Walk Off His Show

    • Ever notice how rare it is to see a liberal on FOX news? They can’t handle the heat of factual reporting. Conservatives like Kelly Anne have no fear. It is a constant reminder how weak the left is when confronted with hard questions.

    • Mark, are you a troll? You have posted this before. I would venture to say other commentators here are against communism but are not extremists. When you want to kill communists then they feel they have the right to do the same to you. We live by laws. Please offer your better idea than communism.

  1. Going on these shows is stupid. They talk over you, they’re rude and you only serve to give them some credibility. Why do it? They win, you lose.
    Especially, a punk like Cuomo. This yokel was beat up twice a day in grade school.