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Video || Trump Feels “Terribly” for Kavanaugh, His Wife, and Daughters

12 thoughts on “Video || Trump Feels “Terribly” for Kavanaugh, His Wife, and Daughters”

  1. I am afraid that if a mere ‘allegation’ craters Kavanaugh’s appointment, the floodgates will open up against every single person seeking political office – National, State, or City.
    There will be no shortage of people who will come up with allegations against every single candidate. It includes women as well- “She grabbed my crotch in grade school, let’s have HER prove she didn’t”.

    1. I had a girl in college at UD make fun of my penis, and my skills pleasing HER.

      Because of Her my self confidence was ruined 20 years ago… That is why I never got my State Dept/CIA security clearance.

    2. Let’s have every person applying for any government position undergo a polygraph test, including Democrats. DiFi should go first!

  2. OT:
    I feel ‘terribly’about what CNN is doing to MyPresident.
    Jake Tapper, once a shining journalist, has been co-opted by the dregs of CNN to lay in the gutter of slimy reporting.
    He had a segment discussing MyPresident’s genitals.
    He did.

    1. I remember a few months back Adam Schiff was touting for naked pictures of the President. What a a world we live in. Now I wonder why he wanted them? Or perhaps not. Makes you wonder.

  3. Jake Tapper lost the plot a long time ago, didn’t he? Yes, he was once a relatively objective, even handed reporter. Then he changed, and rather quickly I thought. Something changed in his reporting and he went hard left. Now he comes across as someone who has Stockholm Syndrome, or a prisoner of war who is being forced by his prison guards to say things that he knows are patently ridiculous or flat out false. Someone or something got to him.

  4. HRC checks in on lawlessness…..The double standard is astounding.
    The Dem O Rats really think we are deplorably stupid.
    Maybe its them?

    1. If the Democrats were a person, let’s say, that person would have been sedated and under a psychiatrist’s care at this point. There would be security guards on 24/7 watch. The person would be institutionalized in a safe, secure facility, far away from normal society.

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