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Video || Trump Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

This is a White House video of a White House event, but one only Washington-based Republican operatives could have arranged. Couldn’t they have found any Latinos who look like they work in a kitchen?

I’ll bet a lot of low-income Hispanics love Trump, despite the rhetoric against illegal immigration. I worked with them for years in the restaurant biz. They love tough guys like Trump. And many certainly value the free market, are working incredibly hard within it, and are waiting to be minted as Republicans, if Republicans would just try.

Instead, it looks like the event organizers went over to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, rounded everyone up, and corraled them into the East Room.

11 thoughts on “Video || Trump Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month”

  1. Ah, the Washington/NYC bubble.
    Out here in flyover Arizona, we have a thriving, successful Hispanic business community. Small and not so small businesses owned by Hispanics is the rule, not the exception. They live in upscale communities, and send their children to parochial schools.
    Oh, we have our landscapers and laborers, but those are mostly immigrants hiding in plain sight. You can find a day worker at any 7-11 parking lot willing to work at whatever needs done.

  2. Off topic – Fire this guy now!!
    In their latest installment, Veritas met Stuart Karaffa – a State Department employee who is also a ranking member of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America who is “engaged in radical socialist political activity on the taxpayer’s dime,” while actively advocating for “resistance to official government policies,” according to Project Veritas.

      1. And this is why we need Trump (and a few congressional leaders!) to drain the damn swamp. This poor excuse of an employee used to work for DoD before he went to State. Makes one shudder to think……

  3. I dunno Keith, sounds racist if you’re looking for Latinos who “look” like they come from the kitchen – as if Latino is a race. Perhaps a sombrero?

    I think this is actually good PR for the Hispanic community to see people who can wear business suits to the WH.

    1. It’s all about optics for the Dems- Hispanics are shown to be young, poor, pathetic eyes, and carrying small children.
      In reality, Hispanics (even Cubans) prosper when they join the capitalism parade, speak the language, and yes, pay taxes as the rest of non-Hispanic Americans do every year.

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