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Americans are a Fair People, and the Kavanaugh “Scandal” Will Help the GOP

I’ve seen several articles Tuesday suggesting that Republicans are going to be harmed in the midterms by the sexual assault accusations that have been lodged against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. I don’t believe it, because Americans are fair-minded people who understand that what is happening is, so far, supremely unfair. The articles seem to rely on a lot of the same kind of operatives and analysts who thought President Trump had no chance of becoming President Trump. That is, they don’t get average Americans.

If Kavanaugh assaulted a woman, even in high school, then it is reprehensible and he should not only not be confirmed for the Supreme Court, but he should step down from his current position. I was an idiot in high school too, but I never did anything like this.

But if the evidence stands as it is now, there is no way to prove that any of what is alleged happened, and Kavanaugh’s sterling reputation should remain unbesmirched. And yes, he should be confirmed.

As you are no doubt aware, Christine Blasey Ford has alleged that Kavanaugh assaulted her 36 years ago. Even if she believes what she is saying, there are no contemporaneous witnesses who can back up her assertion. She apparently told no one, which is thoroughly understandable if this is true, but still, she told no one – until some three decades later. And again, even if she believes her allegation to be correct, it is perfectly reasonable to think that her recollection of it over the years may have changed.

From  July 2013 article in Psychology Today:

Now Daniela Schiller, of Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and her former colleagues from New York University give us a new insight into the nature of memory.

Not only are our memories faulty (anyone who has uncovered old diaries knows that), but more importantly Schiller says our memories change each time they are recalled. What we recall is only a facsimile of things gone by.

Schiller says that memories are malleable constructs that are reconstructed with each recall. We all recognize that our memories are like Swiss cheese; what we now know is that they are more like processed cheese.

What we remember changes each time we recall the event. The slightly changed memory is now embedded as “real,” only to be reconstructed with the next recall.

And of course, she might just be making it up. I know it’s politically incorrect to say that. But you don’t, ipso facto, believe an accusation just because you abhor the crime. That’s not how our system of justice or our society works.

For Washington-based “political experts,” all you have to do is say “sexual assault” or “bad for women” and they go off like decapitated screaming chicken heads that suburban women will all vote Democratic. But average Americans are more sophisticated than that. They will get that there is a distinction in this case with a difference. That to the extent Kavanaugh is persecuted publicly – or if he is rejected by the Senate – over a 36-year-old accusation with no supporting evidence, that he will have been treated unfairly. And furious Republicans will come out in waves to vote.

Because they will understand that if Kavanaugh is doomed by this, Mob Rule has taken the place of justice in our society.

And the more the Supreme Court issue is in the news close to Election Day, the more that conservatives will remember why they vote. And so they will vote. And the supposed “enthusiasm gap” that appears to favor the Left will be closed.

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  1. The Dems seem intent on making American men eunuchs or to turn them all to homosexuality.
    This woman’s accusation letter was held back to be used as a last minute grenade to destroy MrTrump’s most excellent choice to sit on the Court. It’s another version of the Access video meant to ruin MrTrump before the election.

    There’s a madness washing over our country – a insane wish to force Americans to conform, to deny, to silence.
    Last night, the Emmys. Ridicule of patriotism, ridicule of Christians, White men, and cruel jokes meant to intimidate anyone who finds such things offensive.
    What has happened to us, when did this start and how will it end?

    1. You’re correct. Feinstein held the letter back for that explicit purpose. When the Dems saw how well Kavanaugh was doing in the hearings, DiFi had to pull the ace out of her sleeve. It’s despicable and we’ve seen them play these dirty games far too often.

        1. Merrick Garland, nominated the biggest asshole of all! But, remember, Donald J. Trump is irrefutable proof that God still loves America and continues to shed His grace on her.

    2. Read ‘Destructive Generation’ by Collier & Horowitz. Based on their experience within the ‘new left’ of the ‘60’s, the authors trace the hypocritical insanity of ‘the movement’ into the ‘70’s & ‘80’s, making clear what it has evolved into today. The book is a series of essays, well written with intelligence & insight worthy of respect- not too common for ‘boomers’.

    3. My book The Miracle of SELF Power was meant for such people as the accuser. Altho’ she is a psychology professor, she apparently has former students who WARN potential students, online.

    4. This author’s entire argument is based upon “the evidence stands as it is now,” but nowhere in his piece is even a nod to the possibility that is more to be known, and that it is in every American’s interest to hear both sides.

      What if, in the spirit of your wish not to deny or to silence, we hear this woman out, and have an investigation conducted, before confirming an accused attempted rapist to the highest court in the land?

      The timing has been well addressed, and it’s not nearly as simple as you suggest.

      I don’t know what has happened to us, either. It’s interesting that you lead off with a plea to American masculinity. This American man strongly questions your assumptions.

      1. If you have paid attention, the FBI doesn’t investigate a possible state crimes, let alone a possible state crime that occurred 35-36 years ago. Even the local police, if they were asked to investigate, would have to interview Ms. Ford to get information she has thus far claimed she does not recall – when exactly did the alleged incident occur, where did it occur, who did she attend the party with, who else was at the party, were there other witnesses who might have seen her there before and after the alleged incident occurred, did she tell anyone at the time, write notes in a diary about the alleged incident, or see a doctor at that time. The police cannot investigate a possible crime when the alleged victim cannot provide them more specific details to begin looking to build a case. This is still a country of laws, and we do not convict someone without more than has been provided by Ms. Ford thus far. The only two people I have heard her name have both denied the events and don’t seem to recall her or what specifics of the party in question she has described. If she truly believes what she has now told the country, then she should appear before the Judiciary Committee to answer questions. Judge Kavanaugh has the right to face his accuser under the law.

        I am also curious about the timing of things. Judge Kavanaugh was nominated in early July. Ms. Ford sent her letter on July 30, and requested confidentiality. Sen. Feinstein did not bring the matter up in public or private during the entire confirmation process. Supposedly, she did not even send the letter on to the FBI until last week. Did she speak to Ms. Ford in the two months before turning the letter over to the FBI and confirm she was okay with the Senator doing that? If Ms. Ford did not want to bring the matter before the country, did not want to pursue the matter further, and did not know Sen. Feinstein was going to turn the letter over to the FBI last week, what prompted Ms. Ford to hire an attorney in August and take a polygraph test before the news of her allegation even had a chance of coming out? To me, that is suspicious and deserves to be answered.

  2. I am concerned Flake will do a McCain. I do not know if the nomination can even make it out of committee. Kavanaugh is head & shoulders ahead of Sotomayor or Kagan.

    1. Mentored by McCain, Flake no doubt fancies himself his heir; and like McCain, nourishes his own hatred of Trump for diminishing his self-image and denying him reelection. So,just as the courageous war hero bestirred himself from his death-bed to exact revenge for a personal slight, Flake, with far less effort, will scuttle the nomination . . . of course out of principle.

    2. It is always possible that Flake will place country over party, yes…whether for political, moral, or ethical reasons.

      Let’s just hope that modern Republican principles can persuade him otherwise.

  3. I believe you are right Keith. If this turns out to be a political smear, and the odds of that are high given the way it is playing out now, it will not have the effect intended.

    This is about making sure that Dem senators in reddish swing states won by Trump do not have to go on the record before the midterms.

    There are some people that are truly unhinged about Trump and SCOTUS and Roe. They are willing to do anything, and I mean anything. We are seeing this not only in the shameful Spartacus Booker, Kamala Harris, Dickweed Durbin antics but in the demonstrations at the back of the hearing rooms. Those antics in hearing room had best be shut down before Monday by making sure that the Dem senators that provide passes to disruptors pay a large price for the asstroturf disruption.

    As Obama said, elections have consequences.

    1. If the U.S. Congress had been “concerned” with the Judge Roy Moore smear as much as they are acting now, they would have a Senate majority they could rely on. No, I think the malodorous RINOs under the leadership of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan really would rather be rid of Trump and back in the comfortable position of lap dog “loyal opposition” rather than the majority. Too much work is required in this position and the pay and pension is the same for the lesser position.

  4. Republicans may never learn that the Democrats are street fighters. They’ll do anything – absolutely ANYTHING – to win and retain power. And their behavior nationwide over the past 50+ years has proven this assertion to be true.

    They’ve used minorities, immigrants, blue-collar workers, public employees, women, and the LGBTQIA+? segments of our society to accomplish a single objective: winning and keeping power.

    And now this. You’d be hard-pressed to find a public servant who has won more widespread praise from EVERYONE who knows him – man or woman, gay or straight, liberal or conservative – and who have openly attested, on the record, to his extraordinary character and commitment to compassion, justice, truthfulness, service, selflessness, and equality. And yet the Democrats have come out swinging, knives in hand. One would think Trump nominated Harvey Weinstein to be on the Court.

    It’s time for the Republicans to put away their monocles, tuxedos, and white gloves, and instead learn to be as brutal and ferocious as the Democrats are and have always been. Until then, the Repubs will find themselves perpetually on their backs, trying to fend off an endless barrage of Dem knives aimed at their throats.

    1. Quite true. My experience with debating leftists over the years is that they always start with an assumption of their total moral and intellectual superiority. Therefore, any opposition to them is pure evil, and their right to absolute power must never be challenged.

    2. “Republicans may never learn that the Democrats are street fighters. They’ll do anything – absolutely ANYTHING – to win and retain power.”

      One Republican did learn this and he’s using their tactics against them. “Street fighter” describes him very well.

  5. The problem that exists is that the accusations, even if true, cannot be proven, by either side. Our memory is poor, as is explained in the article. If the facts cannot be proven, then the only reasonable course of action is to revert to the system: ignore the problem. Why do we say this? Imagine that an unsupported accusation was lodged against you; further, you know the accusation is false. Would you want to be punished for something that is not true? That is not the country I would want to live in.

    1. Our justice system has always been ruled by the maxim”
      ‘It’s better that 10 guilty men go free than one innocent man be wrongly convicted’

      In this instance we know the character of the “accused”. Unless we have evidence “beyond reasonable doubt” that Kavanaugh committed this act, we should stop this political charade.

  6. Mentored by McCain, Flake no doubt fancies himself his heir; and like McCain, nourishes his own hatred of Trump for diminishing his self-image and denying him reelection. So,just as the courageous war hero bestirred himself from his death-bed to exact revenge for a personal slight, Flake, with far less effort, will scuttle the nomination . . . of course out of principle.

  7. Unfortunately, the man-in-the-street polls are largely negative on Kavanaugh. These Americans who Keith says know right from wrong actually don’t; they’re easily swayed by the media and explosive negative claims. Since they don’t like Kavanaugh in the first place, they won’t hold his destruction against the Dems in elections to come.

  8. Professor Ford is a clinical psychology professor. Professor Ford says that the alleged attack had serious mental health consequences for her. She says she was unable to have healthy relations with men and that the alleged attach contributed to anxiety and PTSD that she suffered. Yet, she says that she never discussed the alleged attack until 2012 when she and her husband were in marital counseling.

    I find this impossible to believe. She teaches clinical psychology. One would think that a person in her profession would seek professional help early on.

    We will never know about any earlier psychological or psychiatric counseling she has received unless she gives her consent. We need to know about any earlier counseling she has received. We need to if she told her earlier counselors about the alleged attack and, if so, how she described it.

    Also, perhaps I am wrong, but I was under the impression that certain mental health professionals are required to have annual (or some other periodic) psychiatric or psychological evaluation.

    1. Your analysis is spot on. Eleventh hour smears and “high-tech lynchings” are now SOP among aggrieved pols. The electorate is not as “gruberized” as the Democrat Party assumes. This will backfire.

  9. Here’s what Christine Blasey Ford alleges: “The assault occurred in a suburban Maryland area home at a gathering that included me and four others.”

    Were those 4 others the guys she described to her therapist?

    What did Ms. Ford think the other 2 people at the party were doing while the 3 people in the bedroom thrashed about & acted peculiarly?

    Hmmm? Those other 2 people would likely never forget those strange circumstances.

  10. Something similar happened when I was in high school in the early 60’s. I was making out on a bed with a girl. We kinda liked each other. and all of a sudden there was a pile up on top of us. I was shocked. After the intruders got off whatever potential relationship there was was over.

  11. I wasnt going to vote this midterm. But with the crap the democrats have pulled I have decided that as long as I can draw breath in my body even if I have to go to the polls in a wheelchair I will be voting straight republican.

  12. The author has it exactly backwards. The Republicans have the votes to confirm Kavanaugh; if they don’t then the base will be confirmed in their belief that Republican politicians are just wimps who roll over for the press/democrats. This view is why Trump won the nomination in the first place, the base is tired of “leaders” who won’t fight.
    Seating Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court would give the base a huge victory and motivate them to vote.
    What’s the motivation of the people you elect refuse to fight?

  13. Hope they call him Judge Kavanaugh , and leave out the Dr. distinction for Ms. Ford. Any Person with common sense can see right through this stall tactic fabricated to destroy a highly qualified man of integrity. Those who are waiting for their favorable wind to blow should remember that Kagan and Sotomayor did not deserve their votes, but got them, despite a much less intense accounting of themselves.

    1. What the hell are you talking about? Merrick Garland deserved a vote and you assholes wouldn’t even have a hearing.

      And this Kavanaugh show was a disgrace. If you think he’s so squeaky clean, why block all those documents?

      Also, there’s a very good possibility that he lied at his last confirmation, under oath.

      1. Yea we whipped out the Uncle Joe rule on ya all. Say thank you Uncle Joe for your stupid rule. Remember when pointing fingers there are always three coming straight back at you.

  14. Can’t wait to see how pissed off you guys will be in November. I’ll relish every second of it.

    It’s hilarious hearing Republicans cry about fairness. Keep it up assholes.

  15. “Can’t wait to see how pissed off you guys will be in November. I’ll relish every second of it.”

    You’re making the author’s point. This ridiculous hail mary play is motivating GOP voters. We’re getting real pissed now and, if Kavanaugh isn’t confirmed, will be even more pissed off on election day. It will be a 9 Nov 2016 reduex; GOP keeps both houses.

    But, on the bright side, the sky will always be there for you to scream at.

      1. Joe Biden said in 1992 that should Bush have a Supreme Court nomination, it should wait until after the election. He did not.

        So, Biden, yes, in Presidential election years, it should be deferred until after the next Presidential election.

      2. 2 words: Neil Gorsuch.

        He got Merrick Garland’s seat.

        President Awesome Boyfriend couldn’t fill a third SC seat because voters took the Senate away from his suck-ass party, for dereliction of duty.

        Aren’t you embarrassed that you elected a POTUS who in all respects burned your party down?

  16. Hold the vote after the hearing. McConnell or a representative should ask Kavanaugh if he stands by his account. If he does, hold the vote Monday. Feinstein and others should be censored for their disgrace of the Senate. The President should put on a U S. Grant hat and lead the battle against the Confederates in the Democratic party.

  17. I’m a progressive and will most likely vote for the Dems in November – and I couldn’t agree more. I think this whole thing is going to backfire on my side. And not just because it’ll get Republicans who might not have voted in mid-terms riled up, but because it will dampen the enthusiasm of a sizeable chunk of erstwhile Democrats. At worst, it makes the left look like dishonest smeer merchants. At best, they look like cynical opportunists. Either way, it took what felt like a pure, honorable movement to push back against some of Trump’s worst excesses and made it feel…icky.

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  19. Speaking to your premise, Keith, two stories surfacing this morning have, I believe, a bearing on your surmise. They may be straws in the wind, certainly, but they are worth noting. And both come from Texas — the state the Gimmiedats have been salivating over for more than half my lifetime. Here are the links:

    I leave it to your acute powers of observation to determine what, if any, meaning they may have for the larger 2018 picture. But they do bring a broad grin and a slap on the thigh for me.

  20. We are witnessing exactly why Trump was sent to Washington. The insanity of agenda politics laid bare.
    There is no concern for the good of the nation, or respect for the voice of the electorate.

  21. Dr Ford doesn’t recall when or where the party occurred, or how she got home, etc. Note that any such information would lead to other people who were at the party and who could confirm or deny whether Kavanaugh was there at all or was there and drunk, etc. So by not recalling such info, Dr Ford makes it a pure “trust me” accusation.

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