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Trump Schedule || Saturday, September 15, 2018

1:30 pm || Receives an update on the response to Hurricane Florence

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10 Responses to Trump Schedule || Saturday, September 15, 2018

  1. What a disaster for the Carolinas, worse then they expected.

    No matter what MrTrump or FEMA does or can do for these people, it won’t make them whole again. Just tragic.

    • It is a disaster. I live in SE NC and evacuated last Wednesday. While Florence did not hit as a Cat 4 as originally expected, the rain is relentless. Parts of I-95 and I-40 are closed as are many state highways and local roads. We are being told it could be ten days before power is restored. Gasoline is unavailable. Looting has occurred.

      We are refugees at our daughter’s home indefinitely. I am concerned about when we can return home and what we will find.

      • I had to evacuate for Irma, so you have my prayers.

        I’m going to mention the following strictly as an FYI, and you can do as you like with the information.

        From “Archangels of Magick” (Damon Brand):

        This ritual is used when you want to weather a real storm rather than a metaphorical one. The way I look at this ritual is that your house may get torn down, but it’s worth trying to prevent the worst damage. I have used this often enough to believe that this legendary power of Uriel is real. Seek protection for yourself, your property and your family when you know a storm is coming, and Uriel will grant it.

        And no, it’s not too late to ask Uriel for safety in a storm after it’s hit. He can work backwards through time if he has to.

        Brand mentions a ritual; you don’t necessarily need to go that far. A sincere request is all it takes.

        Again, just an FYI, do as you will with the information.

        Stay safe, stay in touch, and Godspeed.

        • Our house should be fine as long as it doesn’t spring a leak while it rains or get it by an uprooted tree from the saturated soil, which is a real probability. Duke isn’t giving any estimates as to when power will be returned. The highway into our town was washed out yesterday.

          I just read NCDOT is recommending people drive around NC when traveling.

  2. My sister is in South Carolina, close to Charleston. She said this morning they are still in their house and it’s not too bad there. Positive thoughts to all who are dealing with Florence.