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Trump charges Puerto Rico Hurricane Death Toll Made Up by Dems

President Trump Thursday tweeted that the recently released estimate that some 3,000 people died in Puerto Rico as the result of hurricanes is a fiction created by Democrats for political gain.

Before you dismiss this as just crazy Trump stuff, you should remember that the numbers are based on a study that made estimates derived from increased mortality that occurred in the months following Hurricane Maria. I have not seen any serious analysis of the methodology used in the study, nor have I seen it compared to the number of deaths that occur in the aftermath of hurricanes when people are not charging that the response was racist.

Nor have I seen it compared to places with a modern infrastructure better able to cope with such a disaster. Have you been to Puerto Rico? Large parts of it resemble the Third World. But of course, it’s racist to question the extent to which extra deaths are a function of Puerto Rico being Puerto Rico and not Trump being Trump.

10 Responses to Trump charges Puerto Rico Hurricane Death Toll Made Up by Dems

  1. A fast check of the population of the island is about 3.5 million souls.
    If there were 3,000 deaths at the time of the hurricanes, we would have been unable to avoid the MSM showing us tragic funerals, hysterical survivors, and all the while explaining how MrTrump was personally responsible. For all of it.

    I understand his frustration with the MSM and their constant harping at his real and imagined failures, but , geez, I wish he would just ignore them as we do.
    The intent of these false items are to inflame the Black community. We know that.

    Move on, MrPresident.

    • This TRUMP guy has to do it… if the MSM wins… the republic is over.

      This is part of what he is here to do… sad but true in my view.

      And in the end… it seems like always… he has a way of turning it around and winning more with the community that the MSM was trying to inflame.

      It’s like Wylie E Coyote… the thing that get from ACME to do in Trump seems to blow the MSM in the end.

  2. Being born and raised in Florida, how about asking us what we think about the huge influx on Puerto Ricans. President Trump is correct in the billions of dollars sent for disaster relief. As broke as this country is, the government was able to hand out $120 million in Christmas bonuses in 2017. The State of Florida built a school for these folks in Central Florida. They are living off the system here in Florida. It has put a strain on the people in Florida. Welfare dollars and housing are 2 examples. They brought them over for the sole purpose to make them Democrat voters. I never believed the 3,000 figure. No way. Our local news brings up Marie every night with another sad story.I was happy to see President Trump respond to this outrageous claim. The liberals keep stirring that pot.

  3. Appoint an independent commission to review these reported deaths. Are these excess deaths? what are the causes of death listed on the death certifications. perhaps a random deep dive into 250 of these deaths would be revealing.. these is what happens in third world countries who have better infant mortality rates than the U.S…just cook the data.

  4. Censored by the Left! Reddit r/great-awakenings board banned !! Free speech NO Not if your Pro Trump!
    This is not the USA of Free Speech. Only if your a Lefty can you express any old thing you want.
    Banned because they did not like the contend and that was the only reason.

  5. I used to work with computer models. They are “best guesses” based on software simulations of a specific situation. These models are highly dependent on the initial conditions. Changing these conditions by even the smallest amount can give different results. Look at the “spaghetti models” of hurricanes as an example.

  6. Also, it’s time to let Puerto Rico become an independent country. They’ve been getting a free ride off the taxpayers for far too long. Puerto Ricans are citizens and residents in Puerto Rico pay no federal taxes. Adios! ¡No dejes que la puerta te golpee en el culo al salir!