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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Kavanaugh Confirmation a “Partisan Show”

Well, yeah. She at least included Democrats in her criticism, though she puts them on a par with Republicans. Obviously, it’s the Democrats that are turning the hearings into a Roman spectacle – featuring an actual gladiator, no less.

Justice Ginsburg, who spoke Wednesday at the George Washington University Law School, laments that things aren’t like they used to be, that they’re now so partisan.

But she omits that the current partisanship over the Court was begun by “liberal lion” Ted Kennedy who, with other Democrats as accomplices, torpedoed Ronald Reagan’s nomination of Robert Bork by demonizing Bork to the fullest extent possible.

But, let’s be honest. The most interesting thing about this video is how frail she is. Will she survive or be able to work another two years? Maybe. But I doubt it.

Sorry to be brutal. I wish her many more years of life and productivity. But her appearance here and her prospects for staying on the Court matter.

14 Responses to Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Kavanaugh Confirmation a “Partisan Show”

  1. Please Democrats, keep this up, we need your Blue Wave of Tears when you lose in November…

    Plus, you are still at stage One:

    The 5 stages of grief and loss are:
    1. Denial and isolation;
    2. Anger;
    3. Bargaining;
    4. Depression;
    5. Acceptance. 

  2. F— Ginsberg, the liberal hag who’s had nothing important to say since before she was put on the court should be thrown off the court because of her lack of clarity and stupidity, not to mention her support of socialism and non-support of the big C.

    • For several of his last years, Justice Thurgood Marshall was non compos mentis, and his opinions were written by his clerks. But Justice Marshall was alive, and so held his seat on the SC.

  3. And my “Independent” Senator, Angus King announced today he will not vote for Kavanaugh. What a shock! What a surprise! Not. As everybody knows, King is not an Independent in any sense of the term. He is a spoiled brat and hard core lefty, completely over his head in the Senate, and a close friend of Bernie Sanders. He’s not on our side.

  4. All we ask of our Supreme Court Justices is that they adhere to the letter of our Constitution and not make new ‘rights’ or find ways to ignore the intent of our founding fathers.
    Our Constitution has held 50 shaky states together for the most part, and kept 300million people safe from foreign invaders, dictators, allowed us to choose who will lead us and make our laws.
    At some point, JusticeGinsberg thought it was her job to ignore what she didn’t like in the Constitution, and to just rule as she saw fit.

  5. Ruth is all partisan all the time. She and her fellow liberals almost always agree, yet as Senator Whitehouse pointed out during the Kavenaugh hearing that the Republican appointed Justices were partisan and ganged up in 5-4 opinions …. Is he really so stupid?

    According to the LEFTISTS, it’s only partisanship when the other side has the power.

  6. The phone rings in the WH and PRESIDENT Trump answers. It is Hillary on the line.
    Trump,”What do you want, can’t this wait for a better time?”
    Hillary: “No it cannot wait, I just heard that Justice Ginsberg just died and I would very much like to take her place”.
    Trump: “Well, if it is OK with the funeral home, it certainly is OK with me”.
    Phone: “CLICK!”

  7. She actually looks and sounds like Steven Hawking……next thing you know she’ll have a voice generator and a single lever chair control to get around… Honestly, it’s time for her to go home.

  8. Perhaps RBG is lamenting what appears to be the passing of the ‘coalition governments’, consisting of communists working side by side (supposedly) with traditionists which was the rage from 1975-2016 AD in Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Granada, etc., as well as the U.S. Her withering, shrinking form illustrates this point-hopefully.