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Senate Intel Chair: “No Hard Evidence” of Collusion

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr Wednesday indicated Wednesday that his panel, after seven years of investigation – or something – had come up with jack s#&% on collusion.

“I can say as it relates to the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation that we have no hard evidence of collusion, said Richard Burr, R-N.C. “Now, we’re not over. That leaves the opportunity that we might find something that we don’t have today.”

Someone was watching.

2 Responses to Senate Intel Chair: “No Hard Evidence” of Collusion

  1. Collusion? How was it that Russia could actually ‘collude’ with anyone to insure that MrTrump was elected when there are thousands of precincts where people vote, and millions who vote by mail-in ballots?
    This is gone so far over the shark that it’s not funny anymore.

    • Millions of us agree 100%. This unbridled Mueller investigation is a farce, it’s only purpose is to unseat a President who was chosen by a legal majority. They were so sure Hillary would win.. Obama, and Hillary are the persons who should be investigated. There are so many compelling and obvious reasons to do so: namely where were they on the night of Benghazi and who gave the stand down order? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. What about F&F, the IRS, the fake Dossier, Uranium sales, what did Obama mean during the “hot mic” comment to Dimitri, all of the “green” projects that were given money & went nowhere, the release of terrorists from GITMO (who then went back to commit more terror), the pallets of cash to Iran and on and on ……I’ve probably missed a few.