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Census Bureau: Family Income Hits Record High, Poverty Lowest Since 2016

OMG, this had got to stop. Impeach him, now.

From the Washington Examiner:

Typical family incomes rose to new record highs in 2017, and poverty subsided to pre-recession lows, the Census Bureau reported Wednesday.

Median household income rose to $61,400, according to the bureau’s Current Population Survey, improving 1.8 percent on the previous year’s mark of $60,300. Incomes in 2016 had appeared to eclipse, finally, the all-time high set in the dotcom bubble year of 1999, but the comparison was complicated by changes in the data series in the meantime. The agency adjusts incomes for inflation.

Meanwhile, the share of people below the poverty level fell to 12.3 percent.

Bring back Obama, so we can be lectured constantly from above about “that’s not who we are,” by which he must have meant, people who can earn a living.

6 Responses to Census Bureau: Family Income Hits Record High, Poverty Lowest Since 2016

  1. How dare the President put forth policies that let ppl earn a living for themselves. See, this bad. The Dems need the populace depending on them to live and keep voting Democrat. It’s a downward cycle that will never get better. No matter what fake scandal the media comes up with, this man is doing what he was elected to do.

  2. In other good news, Bernie Sanders’ son, Levi, lost in yesterday’s primary election for Congress in New Hampshire (replacing Carol Shea-Porter). He got less than 2 percent of the vote and his father, Bernie, refused to endorse him. So maybe Levi ought to seek another profession. When your own Pop won’t endorse you….;+}

    • Bernie is quite capable of giving other peoples’ resources away… but his own… not in the cards for this porker from Animal Farm (From my attorney: a literary reference as to a place in society — not some sore of Rosanne/Valerie Jarrett deal)