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Bob Woodward Accuses Trump of Being Compassionate

Trump? Can it be?

According to the Washington Examiner, which obtained a copy of the upcoming Bob Woodward book, Fear: Trump in the White House:

President Trump’s reactions to the deaths of U.S. service members early in his presidency struck members of his staff, who noted the “how much time and emotional energy” he spent comforting the families, according to Bob Woodward’s new book . . .

The deaths of service members with small children hit him hard, the book said. “That had a big impact on him, and it’s seen throughout everything.”

Of course, Woodward doesn’t compliment the president without using the back of his hand to do it:

The book details one instance in which staffers watched Trump, armed with service records, attempt to comfort Gold Star family members over the phone.

“‘l’m looking at his picture — such a beautifuI boy,’ Trump said in one call to family members. ‘Where did he grow up? Where did he go to school? Why did he join the service?

“‘I’ve got the record here,’ Trump said. ‘There are reports here that say how much he was loved. He was a great leader.'”

The book goes on to note that others in the Oval Office had copies of the records. “None of what Trump cited was there,” the book says. “He was just making it up. He knew what the families wanted to hear.”

9 Responses to Bob Woodward Accuses Trump of Being Compassionate

  1. Woodward might be some kind of hero or icon to Washington and journalists, but to the rest of America he’s just a writer, or worse – who?
    Those under the age of 50 have no idea how he got to be famous, and probably don’t care.
    Now he writes a he said- he said expose of the working Trump White House that only echoes what a thousand other disgruntled Dems and journalists have uttered.

    His goal in this “compassionate” tidbit is to expose MrTrump as a liar and a manipulator of emotions. It’s a petty and off-putting description of someone offering condolences to a grieving family.
    Woodward’s goal was to demean MrTrump and to inflame the family of the lost warrior.
    Despicable. Deplorable.

  2. Woodward is just as full of himself as his cohort Bernstein. Both feel the are above approach because of Watergate. Close to half a century ago, and he still leans on this. D.C. elites, either in the media or the government, can’t stand Trump, or the ppl that elected him. If there is evidence of collusion, I find it hard to believe it hasn’t been leaked. Everything else leaks, so the biggest news of all is kept under wraps? I think not.

  3. For all of the ppl I the press that are going about spewing removal of the President with the 25th amendment, get a grip. This man has done nothing but upset the left and bring jobs back to America. You can’t eat Obama’s hope and change. If they are worried about guns in America, try removing a duly elected President. It will be their worst nightmare.

  4. Woodward’s published ‘hate Trump’ novel (along with all commercial communist media) is like a last ditch effort to rouse up the Medicare boomers (who have been said media’s target generation since 1945) in one final inglorious chance to eradicate, once & for all, the strong, respector of religion, euro male leader to be replaced with communized, 3rd world thug mentality that would execute its white supporters 1st & foremost. When this sorry generation dies off, the grip of world subversion will loosen.